Dwarves and magicians mingle with the guests of the Tolkien days, © Stefan Claaßen

Tolki­en Days in Geld­ern

Middle Earth on the Lower Rhine

The Tolki­en Days in Geld­ern are Europe’s biggest fan meet­ing around J. R. R. Tol-kien’s works, like “The Lord of the Rings” or “The Hob­bit”. Vis­it­ors can learn more about the fam­ous writer’s in­flu­ence and live-ac­tion role-play­ing.

Join the Fellowship of the Ring on their adventures, eat lembas bread at the campfire with Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee, or take to the field with the Riders of Rohan at the Tolkien Days in Geldern, when more than 8000 fantasy fans gather to bring Middle-Earth to life in the Lower Rhine region every year at Europe’s biggest J. R. R. Tolkien fan meeting. The village of Pont offers the ideal setting to immerse oneself in the popular fantasy universe on the weekend after Pentecost.

Groups will set up their camps on the large green spaces of the Pont sports and leisure centre. They play dwarves, elves, hobbits, Uruk-hai or Nazgul, letting visitors enjoy a visit to a book world brought to life. Guests feel as if they have entered the Shire when they encounter familiar characters, including Gandalf and Gollum, from the novels among the trees, fields, and market stalls.

You can learn more about live-action roleplaying, cosplay, or camp life virtually everywhere here. Craftspeople will demonstrate how to make detailed reproductions of the original costumes in workshops. Master brewers teach the high art of brewing beer according to dwarven tradition. Authors inspire mental journeys in their readings while bands invite to dance to medieval sounds. Tolkien’s influence is reflected in lectures that always connect to current issues.

Highlights include an outdoor cinema, falconry shows, and horse-riding lessons. The event has been organised by volunteers from the Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft (DTG) since 2009.

Date: 24 to 26 May 2024

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Countless fans of Middle-earth come to the Tolkientage in disguise, © Stefan Claaßen
The groups of actors set up camp on the festival site, © Stefan Claaßen
The costumes of the performers and fans are worked out down to the last detail. These riders also prove that, © Andreas Krupa
The Ringwraiths, better known as Nazgûl from the Lord of the Rings universe, are roaming the grounds of Tolkientage, © Ulrich Hacke

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