Paar mit Wanderkarte, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Hiking trails in NRW

NRW is a paradise for walkers

Hiking offers a slower but no less rewarding way to discover the delights of North Rhine-Westphalia. A well-developed network of trails criss-crosses the state from east to west and north to south, taking in a wide variety of natural landscapes and distinctive regions.

Seven trails in North Rhine-Westphalia, including the Rothaarsteig (Rothaar Trail), the Eifelsteig (Eifel Trail), the Rheinsteig Trail and the Via Adriana Trail, have been certified as “premium hiking trails”. Along the way, accommodation providers with a seal of quality from the German Hiking Association offer walkers a welcome chance to rest and refuel – and take care of muddy boots. And for those interested in following the footsteps of pilgrims, North Rhine-Westphalia even takes in sections of the Way of St. James – a truly unmissable experience.

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Kindelsbergpfad Fernblicke, © Natalie Glatter www.wandermagazin.de

Kindelsberg Trail

A circuit offering exceptional views and historical insights

The Kindelsbergpfad (Kindelsberg Trail) in Siegerland-Wittgenstein combines idyllic nature with information on the region’s mining history.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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Old tree at the Hermann Trail, © OWL Marketing GmbH,S. Westermann

Hermann Trail

One of Germany’s most beautiful high-altitude trails

With a series of wonderful views, the Hermannsweg (Hermann Trail) is rightly regarded as one of Germany’s most beautiful high-altitude trails.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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The river at the Neanderland Steig trail, © Kreis Mettmann Martina Chardin

Neanderland Steig Trail

The most scenic way to explore the Mettmann district

The Neanderland Steig trail is the most scenic way to explore the Mettmann district – with idyllic countryside and picturesque old towns along the way.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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Canyon at the Teuto-Circuits hiking trails, © Rudolf Schubert


Excursions on the Hermannsweg (Hermann Trail)

Half-timbered villages and rugged rock faces, steep climbs and in-credible views – the Teutoschleifen (Teuto-Circuits) hiking trails have no shortage of interesting sights.

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Der Landweg ist einer der Bergischen Streifzüge, © Das Bergische GmbH

Bergisch Wanderings

One-day expeditions

Forest myths, half-timbered houses and Heinrich Böll: the Bergische Streifzüge (Bergisch Wanderings) trails offer 24 half- and full-day themed tours.

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Kupferroute Bank an der Gedenkstätte, © Birgit Engelen

Copper Trail

Today golden-yellow calamine pansies still bloom along the route to Stolberg

For a long time, metal extraction and processing were traditional trades in Stolberg near Aachen. The Copper Trail leads directly into the past.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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Bergisch Trail, © Das Bergische gGmbH

Bergisch Trail

Hiking from the Ruhr Area to the Drachenfels on the Rhine

The Bergischer Weg (Bergisch Trail) is a challenging hike through Bergisches Land, but variety is the hiker’s reward.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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Blick über die Landschaft - Rothaarsteig-Spuren, © Rothaarsteigverein e.V. Klaus-Peter Kappest


Away from the well-known trails

The Rothaarsteig is regarded as being one of the most beautiful upland hiking trails in Europe. However, it’s also worth leaving the well-trodden paths behind and turning off onto one of the other tracks on either side.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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Upper Sauerland Ridge Trail, © Ferienwelt Winterberg

Upper Sauerland Ridge Trail

Hiking on the ridges of Sauerland

The route across the ridges of Sauerland offers hikers perfect tranquillity and beautiful forest views.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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