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Chocol­ate Mu­seum Co­logne

Full milk, dark and white chocol­ate in the cathed­ral city on the Rhine

In the Co­logne Chocol­ate Mu­seum, you’ll find not only his­tory, but also de­li­cious samples of this pop­u­lar treat to try.

There is al­most no-one who does not like chocol­ate. After all, a pref­er­en­ce for sweet things is in our genes. No won­der, there­fore, that the cul­tur­al his­tory of chocol­ate goes back around 5,000 years. The Chocol­ate Mu­seum in Co­logne is en­tirely de­voted to this sweet treat, and ex­plains the en­tire his­tory of chocol­ate, start­ing with the “am­bro­sia” of the gods among the Aztecs through to the mod­ern in­dus­tri­ally pro­duced product. The ex­hib­i­tion in­cludes items from the pre-Columbi­an cul­tures of Cent­ral Amer­ica, an im­port­ant por­cel­ain and sil­ver col­lec­tion from the Baroque peri­od and nu­mer­ous old ma­chines from the in­dus­tri­al­isa­tion era.

Chocol­ate foun­tain and freshly-made nap­pos

The high points of the ex­hib­i­tion in­clude a walk-in trop­ic­al glass­house with a co­coa tree and trop­ic­al cli­mate. In a glass-fron­ted chocol­ate fact­ory, vis­it­ors can watch small chocol­ate bars be­ing made, hol­low fig­ures be­ing cre­ated by hand and pralines be­ing pro­duced, as ex­amples of how chocol­ate products can be in­dus­tri­ally made, but also pro­duced by hand in an en­tirely in­di­vidu­al way. And to al­low vis­it­ors to the Co­logne Chocol­ate Mu­seum to ex­per­i­en­ce chocol­ate with all their senses, there are small samples avail­able to nibble as they pass through the ex­hib­i­tion. At the press of a but­ton, a small ro­bot hands out freshly-made nap­pos to vis­it­ors dir­ec­tly from the pro­duc­tion belt, and at the three-meter high chocol­ate foun­tain, which is formed from a golden co­coa bean, there is a con­stant flow of 200 kilo­grams of de­li­cious chocol­ate wait­ing to be tasted.

Chocol­ate with craft beer, wine and whis­key

On guided tours with titles such as “100% chocol­ate” or “From raw co­coa to praline”, vis­it­ors can im­merse them­selves even more deeply in­to the world of chocol­ate - with de­li­cious samples to try . And “chocol­ate courses” or “praline courses” al­low par­ti­cipants to give free rein to their ima­gin­a­tion when cre­at­ing sweet chocol­ate del­ic­acies. Ori­gin­al com­bin­a­tions of chocol­ate with craft beer, wine or whis­key of­fer a very un­usu­al taste ex­per­i­en­ce at chocol­ate tast­ing events.

Maître Chocol­ati­er

The Maître Chocol­ati­er at the Chocol­ate Mu­seum is Aiga Müller, a pas­sion­ate chocol­ate ex­pert who knows the best chocol­ate re­cipes and loves pro­du­cing her own cre­ations... Here, you can read what kind of chocol­ate she likes to eat most, and why she is par­tic­u­larly look­ing for­ward to the first Chocol­ati­ers Mar­ket in Co­logne.  From 14 to 18 Novem­ber 2018, around 70 in­ter­na­tion­al Maîtres will present their craft at the Chocol­ate Mu­seum in Co­logne and sur­prise vis­it­ors with un­usu­al cre­ations. The event marks the 25th an­niversary of the Chocol­ate Mu­seum.

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