Sanaa-Gebäude, Unesco-Welterbe Zollverein , © Danny Giessner, Wahlheimat.Ruhr

Architecture in North Rhine-Westphalia

Great master builders and visionary architects

North Rhine-Westpahlia is a real paradise for fans of architecture and photographers alike. Well-known architects such as Frank Gehry, Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or Balthasar Neumann have all left their traces here, and enriched the cities in the federal state with their sometimes extravagant, sometimes minimalistic, sometimes lavish buildings. Come and admire the Baroque master buildings, classical spa architecture and futuristic contemporary structures!

Der Elisenbrunnen in Aachen bei Nacht, © Andreas Herrmann / ats


With its classical-style beauty, the Elisenbrunnen pump room in Aachen is an archi-tectural highlight in the imperial city. Its water from the “Kaiserquelle” imperial spring is said to have healing properties.

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Heilige Stiege auf dem Kreuzberg in Bonn, © Michael Sondermann

Holy steps

The Heilige Stiege (holy steps) on the Kreuzberg hill in Bonn are not only a pilgrimage site, but also a late Baroque work of art. In all its finery, they are a reminder of the Passion of Christ

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Besucher im Musiktheater, © Thomas Robbin

Musiktheater im Revier

Yves Klein and other well-known artists designed the Musiktheater im Revier (“musical theatre in the coal district”), a place where art and architecture merge into an impressive whole.

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Mies van der Rohe, Verseidag, Krefeld, © Mies van der Rohe Business Park 2018


In the high population cities, which at that time were undergoing a period of expansion, the Bauhaus concept and its preliminary and branch movements, as well as the developments that came after it, made a stronger impact on architecture and urban building than in almost any other federal state in Germany.

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