Beer garden Krefeld, © Stadt Krefeld

Our most at­tract­ive beer gar­dens

From cosy and rus­tic to el­eg­ant am­bi­ence

When the tem­per­at­ure rises, a cool beer and oth­er bever­ages are best en­joyed out­doors. That’s why there are beer gar­dens every­where in NRW, where vis­it­ors are wel­come to sit and re­lax.

There are a wide range of places where you can en­joy a beer in Your NRW: While on cool days, tra­di­tion­al brew­er­ies are ideal for try­ing out the beer spe­ci­al­it­ies on of­fer in Your NRW, on hot sum­mer days, the best op­tion is to head for the beer gar­dens, which of­fer Pils, Alt and Kölsch beers. You?ll find the most at­tract­ive beer gar­dens in your re­gion in NRW in our over­view.


Ber­gisches Land re­gion

Thomashof, Burscheid

The Thomashof is a some­what dif­fer­ent kind of beer garden. Dairy products are pro­duced on the farm, and are a spe­ci­al­ity here. Cheese dishes, ice cream and salads taste par­tic­u­larly good out­doors here in the Ber­gisches Land re­gion.


Bonn and the sur­round­ing area

Al­ter Zoll, Bonn

In the Al­ter Zoll beer garden, vis­it­ors can en­joy the view over the Rhine through to the gov­ern­ment dis­trict and bey­ond to the Siebenge­birge hills. Without doubt, this is a great place for day trip­pers, with a won­der­ful view!

Bahnhöfchen, Bonn

This Bahnhöfchen, or little sta­tion, used to be the ter­minus for the Brötal­bahn, the old­est nar­row gauge rail­way in Ger­many. Today, beer garden guests can not only en­joy their drink, but can also look out over a unique view of the Bonn sky­line.


Düs­sel­dorf and the Nean­der­land re­gion

Rhein­ter­rasse, Düs­sel­dorf

On the Rhein­ter­rassen Platz square in Düs­sel­dorf, there?s space for up to 1,000 guests. Here, you can sit in the shade of the trees and en­joy an un­spoilt view out onto the Rhine.


Eifel re­gion and Aachen

Lago Beach Zülpich

There?s a real hol­i­day at­mo­sphere at the Lago Beach in Zülpich. With your feet dab­bling in the sand, sip­ping a cool drink and en­joy­ing the beau­ti­ful view onto the wa­ter, with a sep­ar­ate beach on the wa­ter sports lake. The beer garden it­self is a so­cial in­teg­ra­tion com­pany, which also has em­ploy­ees with dis­ab­il­it­ies.


Co­logne and the Rhein-Erft dis­trict

Beer garden by the Aachen­er Wei­h­er, Co­logne

With a view over a lake, com­fort­able wick­er beach chairs and deck­chairs, and a swing seat, the beer garden by the Aachen Wei­h­er pond in Co­logne is a great place to re­lax.

Boot­shaus Alte Liebe, Co­logne

Guests en­joy­ing their drink at the Boot­shaus Alte Liebe (?Old love boat­house?) will be gently rocked to and fro by the waves. A real Co­logne beer garden clas­sic, right on the river Rhine!

Club As­tor­ia, Co­logne

What used to be an of­ficer?s casino and a hotel for the Bel­gian Army is now a chic day trip des­tin­a­tion in the middle of the Stadtwald park in Co­logne. With a view onto the Ad­e­nauer Wei­h­er pond, guests can really pamper them­selves here in an el­eg­ant at­mo­sphere.

Deck­stein­er Mühle, Co­logne

In the beer garden in the Deck­stein­er Mühle mill, guests can en­joy their drinks while watch­ing the his­tor­ic mill wheel splash­ing in the wa­ter.



Landgas­thof Kastan­i­en­baum, Lüd­ing­hausen

This fam­ily beer garden is part of a typ­ic­al Mün­ster­land re­gion half-timbered build­ing, and was named one of the most beau­ti­ful beer gar­dens in Mün­ster­land in 2012. Good for par­ents: the kids can run about in the play­ground.

Kruse Baimken, Mün­ster

One of the old­est pubs in Mün­ster still at­tracts large num­bers of vis­it­ors today thanks to its idyll­ic loc­a­tion dir­ectly on the Aasee lake. At any rate, there?s plenty of space, as the Kruse Baimken beer garden is one of the largest in the city.

Pleister Mühle, Mün­ster

For any­one need­ing to quench their thirst after a ca­noe or cyc­ling tour, the Pleister Mühle is the per­fect place to stop for a rest. The beer garden is loc­ated dir­ectly next to a ca­noe rent­al fa­cil­ity and on sev­er­al cycle routes, in­clud­ing the Friedens­route (?peace route?) and the R1 European Cycle Route.

Pott?s Brau & Back­haus, Oelde

If there?s any beer garden that de­serves its name, then it?s this one. Pott?s Brau & Back­haus is next to a brew­ery and sells its own Pott?s beer.

Bagno, Stein­furt

A walk through Stein­furt?s fam­ous Bagno­park can be com­bined with a stop in the beer garden of the same name. Situ­ated in an idyll­ic green set­ting, vis­it­ors can en­joy some re­fresh­ment here be­fore con­tinu­ing on their jour­ney.


The Lower Rhine re­gion

Platan­engarten im Schlosspark, Hünxe

The beer garden in the Schlosspark Hünxe is just as chic as the wa­ter palace it­self, which is just next door. Large plane trees of­fer shade, while hy­drangeas and oleanders ra­di­ate a lovely scent.

Bier­garten am Stadtwald­haus, Krefeld

The loc­a­tion of the beer garden by the Stadtwald­haus in the Stadtwald park in Krefeld is par­tic­u­larly idyll­ic. In an on­line sur­vey by Fal­staff magazine, the beer garden was named the most beau­ti­ful in the whole of Ger­many, even leav­ing beer gar­dens in Bav­aria be­hind.


The Ruhr re­gion

Tante Aman­da, Dortmund

A fam­ily out­ing to a beer garden? Why not? At Tante Aman­da, a table minigolf course and a large play­ground of­fer en­ter­tain­ment for the kids, while their par­ents can en­joy their drinks.

Jupp un­ner de Böck­en, Hal­tern am See

Even if the un­usu­al name, Jupp un­ner der Böck­en, gives al­most noth­ing away, this is a beer garden with Bav­ari­an flair. Here, guests can en­joy white saus­age, pret­zels and ?Le­berkäse? meat loaf at rus­tic wooden tables - all with a great view onto the Hal­tern reser­voir, in the middle of a thick, leafy forest.

Franky?s im Wasser­bahnhof, Mül­heim an der Ruhr

Its loc­a­tion on a sluice is­land between two arms of the Ruhr river makes the Al­ter Wasser­bahnhof, or old wa­ter­way sta­tion, an un­usu­al loc­a­tion. A par­tic­u­larly prac­tic­al fea­ture for day trip­pers is that it is situ­ated right by the main jetty of the Weiße Flotte boat com­pany.


Sauer­land re­gion

Seem­er?s Gas­thof zur Post, Es­lohe

The coun­try gues­t­house, which is housed in a pretty half-timbered build­ing, also has a high-qual­ity beer garden. Hand-craf­ted oak benches, tables and chairs provide a cosy at­mo­sphere. There?s also something for the kids here, too, since they can run around freely in the play­ground.


Teuto­bur­ger Wald forest

Salz und Zuck­er­land, Bad Oeyn­hausen

Salz und Zuck­er­land is not just the biggest beer garden in Bad Oeyn­hausen, but is also situ­ated in a par­tic­u­larly good spot. Here, all the cycle paths in the re­gion con­nect, in­vit­ing guests to en­joy a break in the Siel­park con­ser­va­tion area.

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