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MICE-land North-Rhine West­phalia

Everything at once

Real or di­git­al. Sus­tain­able, safe, and dis­tanced. Prefer­ably all at once. This is what the MICE state of North Rhine-West­phalia of­fers in its vari­ous meet­ing and con­gress, trade fair, and event loc­a­tions and for new work in the cowork­ing space.

Foyer of the Grand Hall Zollverein, © Johannes Höhn


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Digital Church Aachen interior view, © Johannes Höhn

Cowork­ing Spaces

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The DreiSchreibenhaus in Düsseldorf, © Johannes Höhn

Ven­ue Find­er for NRW

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Kölnmesse North Entrance, © Koelnmesse GmbH

Fairs in NRW

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