The art gallery at the Bielefelder Nachtansichten in Bielefeld in the Teutoburg Forest., © Bielefeld Marketing

Cul­tur­al Events in NRW

Awe­some spec­tacles with amaz­ing back­drops

Ja­pan Day in Düs­sel­dorf

|May | June| Is this really Düs­sel­dorf? Once a year, the city on the Rhine be­comes hardly re­cog­nis­able. On Ja­pan Day it trans­forms it­self in­to a back­drop for Ja­pan­ese cul­ture and life­style

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Co­logne lights

|Ju­ly| One of the most beau­ti­ful mu­sic­al fire­work dis­plays im­merses Co­logne in a sea of light and col­our.

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Just as un­con­ven­tion­al as its in­dus­tri­al her­it­age ven­ues, this emer­ging fest­iv­al, which is held in the Ruhr Area every three years, is not to be missed

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