The number of guests at events is large, © Michael Lübke, Düsseldorf Festival

Düs­sel­dorf Fest­iv­al

A strong show with in­tense emo­tions

The sun is set­ting over the Bur­g­platz at the banks of the river Rhine. Small groups of people are gath­er­ing in front of the large, brightly lit theatre tent of Düs­sel­dorf Fest­iv­al, ex­citedly ex­pect­ing the show in the ded­ic­ated ven­ue that has been the heart of this large an­nu­al event since the early 1990s. The fest­iv­al with its 19-day run in Septem­ber stands out due to its di­verse per­form­ing arts pro­gramme. Start­ing out as the “Alt­stadtherbst Kul­turfest­iv­al” (old-town au­tum­nal cul­tur­al fest­iv­al), it has de­veloped in­to a fixed item on the agenda of the cul­tur­al land­scape in this Rhine­land met­ro­pol­is that draws about 20,000 guests every year.

Düsseldorf Festival originally aimed to be a counterpoint to the classical genre operation of the town’s public theatres and classical concert venues. The event has remained faithful to this approach throughout with its genre-spanning performing arts selection that comprises cirque nouveau pieces as well as modern dance theatre and large musical theatre productions. A festival team with a headcount of about 70 is keeping busy to provide strong drama, breathtaking acoustics, and intense emotions for its guests. Their audience will reward them with standing ovations and cheers after the shows. The event is leaving its mark far beyond the Burgplatz site.

Smaller locations that usually remain inaccessible for cultural events turn into convincing sites of music on selected dates. This includes old town churches, bank foyers, and vantage floors on nearby skyscrapers, where bands and individual musicians offer concert formats that tread the line between old music, classical, jazz, and pop music. Visitors to these extraordinary sites can look forward to new experiences.

Date: 11 September to 30 September 2024

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The large theater tent of the Düsseldorf Festival can be found on the Burgplatz, © Michael Lübke, Düsseldorf Festival
The number of guests at events is large, © Michael Lübke, Düsseldorf Festival
The audience is thrilled. After the performances, guests give applause, © Michael Lübke, Düsseldorf Festival
During breaks, guests can get a cool drink at the bar, © Michael Lübke, Düsseldorf Festival

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