The "Zeche Hannover", a former Colliery in Bochum, celebrates the ExtraSchicht., © RuhrTourismus / Kreklau

Events in North Rhine-West­phalia

Pop­u­lar clas­sics, ori­gin­al events, trendy new­comers

The most ex­cit­ing events

North Rhine-West­phalia’s event cal­en­dar is of­fer­ing heav­enly en­joy­ment year-round with great stars, up-and-com­ing star­lets, and spe­cial events that may only be known to in­siders, form­ing a bright spot in every­day lives.

The final fireworks are part of the Extraschicht. One takes place at the Henrichshütte, © Ruhr Tourismus, Kreklau

Events: The Great Stars

The Ruhr pi­ano fest­iv­al, lit.Co­logne, or the CHIO in Aachen are some of the world-renowned events in North Rhine-West­phalia that not only draw an audi­ence, but also bring in­ter­na­tion­al stars to town every year to present their out­stand­ing skills on the stage or in ath­let­ic com­pet­i­tions.

Paint on Walls-Festival Geldern 2021, Oldhaus, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

New­comer Events

NRW has some real sur­prises in store even for event ex­perts and trav­el­ling pros. The over­view presents some secret ad­vice. Some events are phant­ast­ic, some ath­let­ic, but all of them are ex­tremely cre­at­ive.

Ferris wheel in front of the St. Petri Church in Soest, © Roland Jung

Events: Our Star­lets

Unique Events, Unique Mo­ments Fans and true ex­perts ex­per­i­ence unique mo­ments in some very dif­fer­ent events in NRW. Moun­tain bikers, for ex­ample, show great per­form­ance at Europe’s largest freeride fest­iv­al in Win­ter­berg and the gi­gant­ic Ro­man fest­iv­al in Xanten of­fers his­tor­ic­ally in­form­at­ive en­ter­tain­ment.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Aachen Cathedral at sunset, © Johannes Höhn

High­lights 2023

Ac­tion, cul­ture and cus­toms are on the pro­gramme: glitz and glam­our in the me­di­ev­al mon­as­tery, 200 years of Co­logne Car­ni­val and in­ter­na­tion­al sports fest­ivals are among the high­lights.

De­sire for more dis­cov­er­ies?

Come with us on a dis­cov­ery tour through the cit­ies in NRW. Trendy dis­tricts, cafés, shop­ping op­por­tun­it­ies in his­tor­ic city centres and many more in­sider tips.

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