The "Zeche Hannover", a former Colliery in Bochum, celebrates the ExtraSchicht., © RuhrTourismus / Kreklau

Events in North Rhine-West­phalia

Pop­u­lar clas­sics, ori­gin­al events, trendy new­comers

North Rhine-Westphalia’s event calendar is offering heavenly enjoyment year-round with great stars, up-and-coming starlets, and special events that may only be known to insiders, forming a bright spot in everyday lives. We present world-renowned, established classics, original events with unique charisma, and true secret advice. International players showing their outstanding skills on the stage or in athletic competition alternate with some new, surprising formats that cannot be found anywhere else.

Please check on the organiser’s website whether the event is held as planned before your visit!

The most ex­cit­ing events

The final fireworks are part of the Extraschicht. One takes place at the Henrichshütte, © Ruhr Tourismus, Kreklau

Events: The Great Stars

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Ferris wheel in front of the St. Petri Church in Soest, © Roland Jung

Events: Our Star­lets

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Paint on Walls-Festival Geldern 2021, Oldhaus, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

New­comer Events

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