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Top-Ex­hib­i­tions 2020

Behrens, Beeth­oven und Baroque

In North Rhine-West­phali­a's mu­seums lots of dif­fer­ent ex­hib­i­tions open their doors through­out the year.

Museum Folkwang Essen, Neubau Foyer, © Giorgio Pastore

Art, Design, Ar­chi­tec­ture

Ed­ward Munch, Kun­st­sammlung K20 in Düs­sel­dorf

Nor­we­gi­an writer Karl Ove Knaus­gård sought out around 140 works by his fel­low coun­try­man that have nev­er or hardly ever been seen in Ger­many be­fore for this ex­hib­i­tion. Knaus­gård in­vest­ig­ated the in­ner world of the paint­er and traced the artist­ic con­sid­er­a­tions that pre­oc­cu­pied Munch. His very per­son­al view opens up a new per­spect­ive on prob­ably the most im­port­ant artist of the Scand­inavi­an av­ant-garde of the early 20th Cen­tury. 

Dates: 12 Oc­to­ber to 1 March 2020

Rem­brandt's Graph­ic World & In­side Rem­brandt, Wallraf-Richartz-Mu­seum & Found­a­tion in Co­logne

On 4 Oc­to­ber ex­actly 350 years ago, Rem­brandt, the most im­port­ant paint­er of the Baroque peri­od, died. The ex­hib­i­tion "Rem­brandt's Graph­ic World" opens at the Wallraf-Richartz-Mu­seum & Found­a­tion pre­cisely on this date. A fine se­lec­tion of etch­ings by the artist will be shown. The sub­sequent present­a­tion visu­ally traces his dra­mat­ic life as an artist between tragedy and com­edy. 

Dates: 1 Novem­ber 2019 to 1 March 2020, In­side Rem­brandt

Nor­man Seeff - The Look of Sound, MAKK in Co­logne

His photo shoots be­came hap­pen­ings, his por­traits of rock stars, mu­sic le­gends and fam­ous so­cial­ites be­came icon­ic im­ages. The Mu­seum of Ap­plied Art Co­logne is cur­rently ex­hib­it­ing 170 pho­to­graphs by Nor­man Seeff, who has been one of the USA's most fam­ous por­trait pho­to­graph­ers for dec­ades. Videos of his photo shoots show how he man­aged to cre­ate a re­laxed at­mo­sphere on set and thus to get ex­tremely close to the per­son­al­it­ies be­hind the stars and star­lets from the 60s to the 80s.

Dates: 13 Septem­ber 2019 to 8 March 2020

The As­sembled Hu­man, Mu­seum Folk­wang in Es­sen

The re­la­tion­ship between hu­mans and tech­no­logy is the fo­cus of this ex­hib­i­tion, which spans a broad tem­por­al and me­di­al arc with paint­ings, sculp­tures and graph­ics, early pho­to­graph­ic ex­per­i­ments, in­stall­a­tions, films and works by the post-In­ter­net gen­er­a­tion. You can see works by Otto Dix, Mar­cel Duch­amp, Max Ernst, Nam June Paik, Man Ray, Thomas Ruff, Os­kar Sch­lem­mer and Jean Tinguely, for ex­ample.

Dates: 8 Novem­ber 2019 to 15 March 2020

An­gelika Kauff­mann: Artist, power­ful wo­man, in­flu­en­cer, Kun­st­palast in Düs­sel­dorf

The works of the most fam­ous fe­male artist of the Age of En­light­en­ment and Sen­ti­ment­al­ity are the fo­cus of an ex­hib­i­tion at the Kun­st­palast in Düs­sel­dorf. About 100 paint­ings, draw­ings and sculp­tures by this power­ful wo­man are be­ing ex­hib­ited by the mu­seum in co­oper­a­tion with the Roy­al Academy of Arts in Lon­don. They provide an in­sight in­to the work of the Swiss nat­ive, who quickly be­came fam­ous through­out Europe and made a name for her­self with por­traits and his­tor­ic­al paint­ings. Kauff­mann had a pro­found in­flu­ence on the art and fash­ion of her time. She as­ser­ted her­self like no oth­er in a meti­er dom­in­ated by men.

Dates: 30 Janu­ary to 24 May 2020

Peter Lind­bergh: Un­told Stor­ies, Kun­st­palast in Düs­sel­dorf

In Peter Lind­bergh's im­ages, man with all his fa­cets takes centre stage. Some­times it is a proud and au­gust gaze that cap­tiv­ates the ob­serv­er, some­times a posed body. Kun­st­palast Düs­sel­dorf is now show­ing 140 works by the fash­ion pho­to­graph­er, who worked for the most fam­ous fash­ion magazines in the world be­fore his death in 2019. Lind­bergh, who grew up in Duis­burg, se­lec­ted the ex­hib­its­for the show be­fore he passed away. They provide in­sight in­to his pho­to­graph­ic work, which dates back to the early 1980s. Many of the works have nev­er been ex­hib­ited in pub­lic be­fore.

Dates: 5 Feb­ru­ary to 1 June 2020

Pi­cas­so, Kun­st­sammlung NRW K20 in Düs­sel­dorf

In this show, paint­ings, sculp­tures, draw­ings and his­tor­ic doc­u­ments from 1939 to 1945 tell of the man Pablo Pi­cas­so and the con­tra­dic­tions of every­day life dur­ing the Second World War.

In his work, the artist re­acted to the threats of that peri­od, to death and de­struc­tion. And yet, the sub­ject of war is not in the fore­ground; in­stead, he cre­ated still lifes, por­traits and nudes, of­ten us­ing mo­tifs from the private sphere.

Dates: 15 Feb­ru­ary 2020 to 14 June 2020

Michelan­gelo's paint­ings up close, Dal­heim Mon­as­tery in Lichtenau

Spe­cial works in a spe­cial place: Michelan­gelo?s Bible scenes, which dec­or­ate the Sis­tine Chapel in Rome, can be seen for three months in the church of the former Dal­heim Mon­as­tery in Lichtenau near Pader­born. The painstak­ing re­pro­duc­tions of the ceil­ing and wall paint­ings from the Vat­ic­an in­clude the cre­ation story for ex­ample, with the fam­ous "The Cre­ation of Adam" fresco or the com­pos­i­tion on the Last Judge­ment. The ex­hib­i­tion in­vites vis­it­ors to dis­cov­er the over­sized im­ages, which are to be seen at a height of 21 metres in the Sis­tine Chapel, from up close.

Dates: 4 April 2020 to 5 Ju­ly 2020

Keith Har­ing, Mu­seum Folk­wang in Es­sen

For the very first time, Mu­seum Folk­wang is show­ing a com­pre­hens­ive ex­hib­i­tion of works by Amer­ic­an artist Keith Har­ing, who cre­ated his art in the con­text of the top­ics of the 1980s: the AIDS crisis, the Cold War, the growth of cap­it­al­ism and the de­struc­tion of the en­vir­on­ment. More than 85 works, in­clud­ing large format paint­ings and draw­ings, posters, pho­to­graphs and videos, demon­strate a broad spec­trum of his oeuvre.

Dates: 29 May 2020 to 6 Septem­ber 2020

Ot­fried Preußler: Cre­at­or of char­ac­ters and tell­er of stor­ies, Lud­wig­galer­ie Schloss Ober­hausen

Who does­n't know Ot­fried Preußler­'s ima­gin­at­ive char­ac­ters and ex­cit­ing stor­ies? The Little Witch, Kra­bat or The Rob­ber Hotzen­plotz still come to life when read. Lud­wig­galer­ie Schloss Ober­hausen is now pla­cing the primary fo­cus of an ex­hib­i­tion on the un­mis­tak­able ap­pear­ance of the char­ac­ters. Car­toon­ists and il­lus­trat­ors like Franz Josef Tripp con­trib­uted to de­fin­ing it over the years. In ad­di­tion to this, vis­it­ors can en­joy ex­hib­its re­lat­ing to Preußler­'s lit­er­ary works.  The me­dia ad­apt­a­tions of the fam­ous books are also ex­amined.

Dates: 13 Septem­ber 2020 to 10 Janu­ary 2021

Andy War­hol, Mu­seum Lud­wig in Co­logne

War­hol's work re­defined the bound­ar­ies between paint­ing, sculp­ture, film and mu­sic. The Andy War­hol ex­hib­i­tion casts light on as­pects that have re­ceived less at­ten­tion up un­til now, such as War­hol's mi­gra­tion back­ground as the son of Rus­si­an im­mig­rants in Pitt­s­burgh and his treat­ment of re­li­gious mo­tifs, as well as life bey­ond het­ero­sexu­al norms, which he ad­dressed in many ways and pos­tu­lated as an es­sen­tial factor in a di­verse so­ci­ety.

Dates: 10 Oc­to­ber 2020 to 21 Feb­ru­ary 2021

Peter Behrens - Art and Tech­no­logy ? LVR In­dus­triemu­seum Peter-Behrens-Bau in Ober­hausen

The re­designed per­man­ent ex­hib­i­tion on the ar­chi­tect and de­sign­er Peter Behrens presents ar­chi­tec­tur­al mod­els de­veloped spe­cific­ally ac­cord­ing to ori­gin­al designs as well as cur­rent and his­tor­ic­al pho­to­graphs of his build­ings - go­ing from his early res­id­en­tial house in Darm­stadt to the to­bacco fact­ory in Linz. The LVR In­dus­triemu­seum build­ing in Ober­hausen was also de­signed by Behrens.

Tomás Sara­ceno - in or­bit, Kun­st­sammlung NRW in Düs­sel­dorf

It is a rather dif­fer­ent type of art en­joy­ment that vis­it­ors ex­per­i­ence be­low the huge dome of the "K21 Ständehaus" build­ing that houses the Kun­st­sammlung Nordrhein-West­falen, the North Rhine West­phalia art col­lec­tion. They can enter the "in or­bit" room in­stall­a­tion by artist Tomás Sara­ceno and, in an ex­tens­ive web struc­ture cov­er­ing 3 levels and a total area of 2,500 square metres, move freely between half-a-dozen "spheres", air-filled balls with dia­met­ers of up to 8.5 metres. The web sways from the steps, high above the piazza of the mu­seum, and with it, the oth­er people climb­ing it sway too - a com­mu­nic­at­ive ex­per­i­ence. The artist?s room in the K21, which was also de­signed by Sara­ceno, shows how the move­ment in the web con­struc­tion works. Here, real spiders move about in their own webs.

Dates: the in­stall­a­tion is part of the per­man­ent ex­hib­i­tion in K21, but is oc­ca­sion­ally closed for main­ten­ance works

Kloster Dalheim in Lichtenau, Außenansicht, Innenhof, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Mu­sic, Sci­ence and So­ci­ety

Ger­man Per­spect­ive on Great Bri­tain, Haus der Geschichte in Bonn 

The "Very Brit­ish. Ein deutscher Blick" (Very Brit­ish. A Ger­man Per­spect­ive) ex­hib­i­tion shows that Great Bri­tain is more than just Brexit. Based on the ex­ample of about 500 ex­hib­its, the ex­hib­i­tion sheds light on the Ger­man-Brit­ish re­la­tion­ship and the polit­ic­al, his­tor­ic­al, eco­nom­ic and cul­tur­al role of Great Bri­tain in Europe after 1945. The ori­gin­al ti­ger skin from the sketch "Din­ner for one", the ball from the le­gendary 1966 World Cup fi­nal and a dress worn by Queen Eliza­beth II on a state vis­it to Ger­many in 1965 can be seen.

Dates: 10 Ju­ly 2019 to 8 March 2020

Beeth­oven. Welt.Bür­ger.Mu­sik, Bundeskun­sthalle in Bonn 

On the oc­ca­sion of the 250th birth­day of the world-fam­ous com­poser, the cent­ral an­niversary ex­hib­i­tion at the Bundeskun­sthalle looks at Beeth­oven?s life, work and in­flu­ence. Around 250 unique loans from Ger­man and in­ter­na­tion­al col­lec­tions, some of which have nev­er pre­vi­ously been shown, con­vey a multi-fa­ceted pic­ture of the artist and the man. The high­lights in­clude ori­gin­al writ­ings and his­tor­ic­al mu­sic­al in­stru­ments that were of key sig­ni­fic­ance to Beeth­oven's com­pos­i­tions. An ex­traordin­ary ex­hib­i­tion ex­per­i­ence is prom­ised by a spe­cial chair from Canada that trans­lates sounds in­to vi­bra­tions: Us­ing the chair, vis­it­ors can feel mu­sic through­out their en­tire bod­ies without hear­ing it. 

Dates: 17 Decem­ber 2019 to 26 April 2020

Sur­viv­ors. Faces of Life after the Holo­caust, Zollver­ein World Her­it­age Site in Es­sen

Faces tell life stor­ies. Even those defined by fear and hor­ror, faith and hope. The power of the "Sur­viv­ors. Faces of Life after the Holo­caust" ex­hib­i­tion is con­sid­er­able. Renowned pho­to­graph­er Mar­tin Schoeller took por­traits of 75 Holo­caust sur­viv­ors. The im­ages can now be seen at the Zollver­ein cok­ing plant?s mix­ing fa­cil­ity. The ex­hib­i­tion is be­ing shown to mark the 75th An­niversary of the lib­er­a­tion of the Aus­chwitz-Birkenau con­cen­tra­tion camp in co­oper­a­tion with the Holo­caust me­mori­al Yad Vashem in Jer­u­s­alem and its Ger­man circle of friends as well as the Stif­tung für Kunst und Kul­tur Bonn and the Ruhr Mu­seum.

Dates: 22 Janu­ary 2020 to 26 April 2020

The His­tory of the Plague, LWL-Mu­seum für Archäo­lo­gie in Herne

All over the world, the plague claimed mil­lions of vic­tims, but it is not a hor­ror of the past ? it still ex­ists today. The spe­cial ex­hib­i­tion "Pest!" (Plague!) presents the his­tory of the dis­ease and its con­sequences based on around 300 ar­chae­olo­gic­al and cul­tur­al his­tory ex­hib­its. El­ev­en themed areas lead from the ar­chae­o­gen­et­ic to the mod­ern un­der­stand­ing of the plague. 

Dates: 20 Septem­ber 2019 to 10 May 2020

Lud­wig lives! Beeth­oven in Pop, rock n pop­mu­seum Gronau in Gronau  

The cent­ral theme of the ex­hib­i­tion is the traces Beeth­oven has left in mod­ern pop cul­ture to this day. The mul­ti­me­dia show over three floors shows where Beeth­oven can still be found today, in­clud­ing in ad­vert­ising, mo­bile phone ring tones and in songs by The Beatles, the Toten Hosen, Helge Schneider and Ju­dith Holofernes. The ex­cep­tion­al mu­si­cian can also be found in films such as A Clock­work Or­ange and in car­toons like Pea­nuts.

Dates: 17 May 2020 to 25 Oc­to­ber 2020

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