Today a theater hall for concerts in the Duisburg-Nord landscape park, © Johannes Höhn

Fest­ivals in North Rhine-West­phalia

Mu­sic, theatre and lit­er­at­ure

Fest­iv­al in NRW are ever-present, in­ter­na­tion­al and up to date. Mu­sic, theat­er and lit­er­at­ure are cel­eb­rated in an un­con­ven­tion­al and straight­for­ward man­ner.

Art Co­logne

View, en­joy, mar­vel, buy: The Art Co­logne art fair is an event for in­ter­na­tion­al art lov­ers, col­lect­ors and gal­lery own­ers that is not to be missed.

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lit.CO­LOGNE in Co­logne

Every spring, the who's who of con­tem­por­ary lit­er­at­ure comes to­geth­er at lit.CO­LOGNE. There’s a wide-ran­ging chil­dren's pro­gramme as well.

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Just as un­con­ven­tion­al as its in­dus­tri­al her­it­age ven­ues, this emer­ging fest­iv­al, which is held in the Ruhr Area every three years, is not to be missed

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Düs­sel­dorf Fest­iv­al

The sun is set­ting over the Bur­g­platz at the banks of the river Rhine. Small groups of people are gath­er­ing in front of the large, brightly lit theatre tent of Düs­sel­dorf Fest­iv­al, ex­citedly ex­pect­ing the show in the ded­ic­ated ven­ue that has been the heart of this large an­nu­al event since the early 1990s. The fest­iv­al with its 19-day run in Septem­ber stands out due to its di­verse per­form­ing arts pro­gramme. Start­ing out as the “Alt­stadtherbst Kul­turfest­iv­al” (old-town au­tum­nal cul­tur­al fest­iv­al), it has de­veloped in­to a fixed item on the agenda of the cul­tur­al land­scape in this Rhine­land met­ro­pol­is that draws about 20,000 guests every year.

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