Shopping on the Königsallee in Düsseldorf, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

König­sallee: lux­ury shop­ping in Düs­sel­dorf

A hall­mark of up­scale shop­ping pleas­ure

Names like Gucci, Ar­mani and Chanel form a chain along the lux­ury Düs­sel­dorf street.

The Königsallee in the centre of Düsseldorf was once known as Neue Allee (New Boulevard), Mittelallee (Middle Boulevard) and Kastanienallee" (Chestnut Boulevard).  Although the magnificent trees remain, the modern name Königsallee (King’s Boulevard), or "Kö" for short, has become a household name among wealthy shopping tourists. Visitors are met with luxury and exclusivity from the first glance.

Luxury on one kilometre

This shopping street and promenade is the most-frequented luxury retail street in Germany and stretches for one kilometre from Friedrichstadt to the Hofgarten (the city’s main park). And here, with the Kö-Bogen, another shopping eldorado follows: In the complex of glass, natural stone and green facade designed by star architect Daniel Libeskind, fashion trends and different gastronomic concepts compete for the attention of visitors.

The banks and exclusive hotels on the western side of the “Kö” are separated from the high-class retail outlets and malls of its eastern side by a 32-metre-wide canal, which is fed by water from the Düssel - the river that lends its name to the federal state capital of NRW, Düsseldorf.


Fashion metropolis Düsseldorf

Fashion clearly prevails on the "Kö". Indeed, the city has this magnificent boulevard to thank for its reputation as one of the most elegant shopping metropolises in the world. There is a long tradition of fashion and shopping in Düsseldorf: fashion trends were already being set here in the era of Duke Johann Wilhelm II in the 18th century. The list of designers and labels with flagship stores in Düsseldorf reads like a Who’s Who of the fashion industry and includes Gucci, Armani and Kenzo. Regular international trade fairs also secure Düsseldorf’s international importance in the fashion world.

As well as the Königsallee, the city offers numerous shopping arcades and shops in the alleys of its old town. Crossing the "Kö" near the Hofgarten, the shops of the Schadowstraße boast one of the highest sales revenues in the whole of Germany.

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Hermes luxury shop on Königsallee in Düsseldorf, © Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH, Sabrina Weniger
Shopping in a luxury shop on Königsallee in Düsseldorf, © Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH, Sabrina Weniger
The Kö Bogen in Düsseldorf in the evening, © CC-BY-SA
Kö-Bogen 2 drone shot, © Johannes Höhn

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