Ginsterkopf in the Sauerland, © Rothaarsteigverein e.V., Klaus-Peter Kappest

Ma­gic­al Mo­ments

Pic­tur­esque morn­ing hours and ro­mantic sun­sets

We can’t even decide whether we find the sunrises or the sunsets more enchanting in your North Rhine-Westphalia.

Discover places that offer magical moments on the water, from very high up, or in the towns and cities of North Rhine-Westphalia very early in the morning, while everyone is still asleep, as the mists slowly recede from the fields and lakes and the first rays of sunlight drench the morning sky in bright colour, or in the evening, when the sun is painting the landscape a bright red and orange.

Sunset at the Lippesee in Paderborn, © Josef Bröckling

On the wa­ter

With the sun re­flec­ted on the lake

A night at the Diersfordter Waldsee
At the Diersfordter Waldsee at the Lower Rhine, visitors can not only watch the beautiful sunset, but even spend the night in houseboats for an ideal romantic weekend in nature with a deeply green forest lake, unspoiled nature, and Scottish highland cattle grazing peacefully on a meadow orchard.

Athletically at the Langenfeld water skiing facility
Do you want to ride your board into the sunset? Langenfeld will let you enjoy the day’s last hours on the water or relaxing in the sand on one of its long beaches. Surrounded by trees and meadows, you can enjoy the unique view of spectacular sunsets here.

Action at the Lippesee
Stand-up paddling, sailing, surfing, or pedal boating are some of the many options the Lippesee lake in the Teutoburg forest has in store for you to be active before enjoying the sunset at the beach bar at night. If you like, you can even reach this spot by bike or on foot via one of the region’s many cycling or hiking routes

At the Aasee in Münster
Here, at the banks of the Aasee lake, lovers of romanticism will find a front seat for sunset, with boats sailing on the water, geese chattering away between the willow trees along the banks, and the giant pool balls of artist Claes Oldenburg casting long shadows in the evening light.

Eifel-View Burgberg, © Andy, Kreis Düren

Breath­tak­ing vis­tas

The sun in the dis­tance

The Eifel view in Burgberg
Not only hikers can enjoy the view of the mountain ranges in the Eifel region. A mountain bike route leads past the Krawutschketurm vantage platform as well, offering the perfect opportunity for a tour followed by enjoying the sunset on the Burgberg in the Eifel.

From the Petersberg across the Siebengebirge mountains
Admittedly, the climb up the 335-metres-high Petersberg can be a sweaty affair. The effort will pay off, though, as the evening sky above the Rhine valley will treat you to a unique play of lights in particular in the spring and summer months.

A view of the Bruchhauser Steine
One of the most beautiful views of the Sauerland can be found on the 663-metres-high Ginsterkopf along the Rothaarsteig stretch from the historical Hanseatic city of Brilon to Willingen in Hesse, offering vistas of the Brilon plateau, the upper Ruhr valley, and the impressive Bruchhauser Steine.

When the sun goes down over Bochum
Everyone out for a stroll can enjoy a particularly far view of the Ruhr Area from the Tippelsberg. When the sun goes down over Bochum here, it turns the mood particularly magical, with a view of the mining museum or the Halde Hoheward.

Into the sunset on the roller-coaster
Always take your camera if you are visiting the walk-in Tiger & Turtle rollercoaster in Duisburg in the evening. This piece of art on the Magic Mountain is an ideal photo motive then.

Morning light at the “Geleucht”
The Halde Rheinpreußen in Moers with its “Geleucht” installation, a gigantic miner’s lamp that lights up red after sunset is an ideal place to welcome the day as the sun slowly rises above Duisburg in the east. Take our secret advice and climb the Halde very early in the morning for a unique sunrise experience.

The sun-cinema hiking path
Hikers follow the Lower Rhine in the Kleve district on five kilometres, across the Schaephuysener range with its unique view of the sunrise towards the Ruhr Area, or the sunset towards Geldern in a veritable cinema programme for the soul.

View from the Sparrenburg on Bielefeld, © Bielefeld Marketing, Franziska Beckmann

Urb­an ro­man­ti­cism

Rising and set­ting over the city

A rendezvous on the Sparrenburg
The Sparrenburg is not only Bielefeld's landmark, but also the best place to start the day - and watch the sun rise over the city. And then you can head straight out on a hike: The extensive castle grounds are located on one of the most beautiful high-altitude hiking trails in Germany, the Herrmannsweg.

A Skywalk above Wuppertal
There’s not a single step on the way to the Skywalk in Wuppertal’s Nordpark, protruding from the forest above the slopes and serving as an ideal photo spot with its fantastic view of the sunset.

Pedal boating into the sunset in Aachen
The stair-like terrace at the banks of the Hangweiher in the Kaiser-Friedrich-Park in Aachen’s south quarter affords a unique view of the sun disappearing behind the Aachen city forest here. We recommend a pedal boat trip into the sunset.

At the Rhine banks in Düsseldorf
Follow up a museum visit, a shopping day, or a stroll along the banks of the Rhine in Düsseldorf by watching the sun sinking behind the Rheinkniebrücke – a view best enjoyed with a drink to match and from a comfortable seat at the KIT-Café terrace or at the city beach.

  • Diersfordter forest lake, © Tourismus NRW e.V.
    Rhine promenade Düsseldorf, © Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH, U. Otte
  • Blick auf das Wasser und das Ufer des Waldsees Diersfordt am Niederrhein bei Sonnenuntergang, © Tourismus NRW e.V.
    Sunset Aasee Münster, © Münster Marketing, Dagmar Schwelle
    Water-skiing in Langenfeld, © Peter Ginter