The Rheinkirmes fits into the backdrop of Düsseldorf, © Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH

"Rheinkir­mes" in Düs­sel­dorf

Largest fun­fair on the Rhine

Dark beer and roller­coast­ers: the largest fair on the Rhine, steeped in tra­di­tion, takes place on the Düs­sel­dorf-Ober­kas­sel fair­ground.

The Düsseldorf fair takes place each year at the Düsseldorf-Oberkassel fairgrounds on the left bank of the Rhine from the third week of July. Spanning around 4.5 kilometres, it is considered the largest funfair on the Rhine.

On the 165,000 square-metre fairgrounds, over 300 showmen from Germany and abroad present a colourful selection of rides, stalls and merry-go-rounds. No matter whether it’s something rapid, child-friendly, breath taking, charming or even nostalgic - every visitor to the fair finds his or her favourite among the rides and stalls on the “Rheinwiesen”.

A funfair with tradition

At the largest funfair on the Rhine, also called "Rheinkirmes", a touch of nostalgia is allowed: the fair has a long tradition and reflects a centuries-old history.

The tradition of the bird shooting, commonplaceat the fair, has taken place on the occasion of the Catholic basilica St. Lambertus’ parish fair since 1435. The festival also honours the city’s patron saint, St. Apollinaris of Ravenna, with the final fireworks display on the last Friday of the fair week.

Fairgrounds in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel

This small festival in honour of the basilica and the city’s patron saint has evolved into a great spectacle over the centuries. With the relocation to the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel in 1901, the foundation for today's largest fair on the Rhine was laid.

Today's setting of the fair offers visitors not only a lot of space, but also a panoramic view of Düsseldorf's old town. Nearly four million visitors from Germany and abroad delight in what the big funfair on the Rhine has to offer.

International treats

Besides the many and various rides, visitors to the fair can look forward to many culinary highlights each year. In addition to German specialties such as Bratwurst, fresh pretzels, potato fritters and different fish dishes, the funfair also offers international dishes. There has been a Chinese garden and various Mexican and French stalls that have attracted visitors with special dishes.

Of course, Düsseldorf's traditional breweries are also involved. The specialty beer of NRW's state capital, the dark Altbier, should absolutely not be missing - Düsseldorf's breweries Schumacher, Schlüssel, Füchschen and Schlösser make sure it’s available every year.

Dates:  12 till 21 July 2024


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The Düsseldorf Altbier breweries are also represented at the largest fair on the Rhine, © Hojabr Riahi
The ferris wheel also turns in the evening, © Hojabr Riahi
In the evening there is a party in the tents of the Rheinkirmes, © Hojabr Riahi
The Rheinkirmes fits into the backdrop of Düsseldorf, © Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH

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