View from the park to Schloss Augustusburg, © Johannes Höhn

it­in­er­ary ideas

Pro­pos­als and In­spir­a­tion


For Cul­ture En­thu­si­asts: Fol­low this route along to see the six Un­esco World Her­it­age Sites in North Rhine-West­phalia e.g. Co­logne Cathed­ral and Ab­bey Cor­vey.

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Nature & Wild­life Route

Re­laxed, scen­ic driv­ing ex­cur­sions that take you in­to the heart of the coun­try are the fea­tures of the Nature and Wild­life route through North Rhine-West­phalia. Head to­wards the Schwalm-Nette nature park, for this is where your wild­life ad­ven­ture be­gins.

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Big met­ro­pol­ises Route

Fol­low the route along big met­ro­pol­ises in North Rhine-West­phalia. Ex­plore the Düs­sel­dorf, Co­logne, Mün­ster, Bonn, Aachen and the Ruhr Area.

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Beer Route

The Beer route through North Rhine-West­phalia takes you through a vari­ety of loc­a­tion and taste-based beer des­tin­a­tions.

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His­tor­ic­al cit­ies Route

Fol­low the route along his­tor­ic­al cit­ies in North Rhine-West­phalia from Freuden­berg to Mon­schau. Ex­per­i­ence the par­tic­u­lar charme of these places.

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Brands from NRW

No mat­ter if it’s about pastries, drinks, or per­fumes: many dif­fer­ent products to be eaten, drunk, and en­joyed are at home in North Rhine-West­phalia and pop­u­lar around the world.

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Ex­cur­sion Ideas for River Cruises

River cruises in NRW: No more than an hour’s drive from the re­spect­ive har­bour in onn, Co­logne, Düs­sel­dorf, Duis­burg, and Xanten, or less than that in the Ruhr Area, you will find im­press­ive spots.

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The sound of #urb­a­nana

The Sound of #urb­a­nana booms and vi­brates, stretches from Krautrock to Punk and New Wave to the Neue Deutsche Welle. Fol­low the pop-his­tor­ic­al tracks in NRW with the Sound of #urb­a­nana web-app.

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