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What is the Weg­bi­er all about?

Simply Defined: A Beer On-The-Go

It’s time to break down that almighty term quite of­ten used around North Rhine-West­phalia - Weg­bi­er.

It?s time to break down that almighty term quite of­ten used around North Rhine-West­phalia (more pre­dom­in­antly in Düs­sel­dorf and Co­logne) - Weg­bi­er.

What is it? Why does it ex­ist? And why it is such a pop­u­lar thing?

In or­der to get a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of what this Weg­bi­er is all about, I went to Bilk­er Al­lee in Düs­sel­dorf to check out a few of the most pop­u­lar kiosks.


What is a Weg­bi­er?

Weg­bi­er quite lit­er­ally means to drink a beer in pub­lic on the way home, to a party, or really just any­time you?re ?on the go?. It?s like takeaway food, but a Weg­bi­er can be pur­chased at any kiosk, con­veni­ence store, büd­chen, späti, trinkhalle, or whatever you call a small corner shop store that of­fers all your fa­vor­ite snacks and junk food.


Why does the Weg­bi­er ex­ist?

I guess the bet­ter ques­tion is, why not? Weg­bi­er ex­ists be­cause it can. Un­like many coun­tries around the world, drink­ing in pub­lic is leg­al in Ger­many. There?s no need to hide your beer in a wa­ter bottle and claim it?s apple juice or wrap your li­quor bottles in pa­per bags. Al­co­hol is leg­al, and hav­ing a Weg­bi­er is quite an en­joy­able ex­per­i­ence for many people around NRW.


What makes Weg­bi­er so pop­u­lar?

Even the tour­ists are do­ing it. That?s likely be­cause the ex­cite­ment of be­ing able to drink a beer in pub­lic is quite over­whelm­ing when you come from a coun­try where pub­lic drink­ing is il­leg­al (or at least that?s what it was like for me when I moved to Düs­sel­dorf from Canada). Buy­ing a Weg­bi­er be­fore you?re head­ing to an event is of­ten a great way to start the party and get a few cheap drinks in be­fore you pay 4 Euro at the doors.

Here are a few oth­er reas­ons why the Weg­bi­er is so pop­u­lar:

  • The weath­er?s per­fect? Grab a Weg­bi­er.
  • On the way to a party? Pre drink on the go with a Weg­bi­er.
  • Hop­ing to avoid the high priced beer at the club? Buy a Weg­bi­er be­fore you enter.
  • Catch­ing up with a friend you haven?t met in a while? Weg­bi­er time.
  • One hour com­mute home from work? Weg­bi­er and a news­pa­per will do just fine.

On the week­ends, the Düs­sel­dorf Weg­bi­er be­comes al­most a fash­ion ac­cess­ory. Along the Rhine Prom­en­ade and through the streets of the Alt­stadt, it isn?t un­com­mon to see every third per­son with a Weg­bi­er in hand. However, it?s also not un­heard of to see people drink­ing beer dur­ing the week­days either. This doesn?t mean we?re all al­co­hol­ics, it?s just an­oth­er way to cel­eb­rate the Weg­bi­er.

Why not go ahead and give it a try? Drink re­spons­ibly and ex­plore the Kiosks around your area. I spent an hour or so ex­plor­ing the Bilk­er Al­lee kiosks this week, here were a few of my fa­vor­ites:

  • U-Bilk Dini (across from the Bilk­er Kirche and next to Pizzer­ia Uscana)
  • Trinkhalle & Steh­café (next to the Bilk­er Kirche and Eis­schmiede)
  • Happy Shop (across from Flora Park)

Thanks to the kiosks, con­veni­ence stores, büd­chen?s, späti?s and trinkhalle?s of North Rhine-West­phalia, it?s easy to get any­thing on-the-go. They al­low us to kick in­to our crav­ings wheth­er it?s an ice cold cola, a pack of ci­gar­ettes, a chocol­ate bar or a Weg­bi­er. There al­ways seems to be a kiosk close by whenev­er you?re in need.

What do you think? A curse or a bless­ing? Where are your fa­vor­ite kiosks? When do you find your­self em­bra­cing the Ger­man ?Weg­bi­er??

Writ­ten by Jenna Dav­is | Life in Düs­sel­dorf

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