Kunstsammlung NRW, Dauerausstellung Tomás Saraceno : In Orbit im K21, © Kunstsammlung NRW/Studio Tomas Saraceno

Kun­st­sammlung NRW in Düs­sel­dorf

North Rhine-West­phalia’s “secret na­tion­al gal­lery”

With its loc­a­tions at K20, K21 and F3 Schmela Haus, the state-owned gal­lery is one of the most pres­ti­gi­ous con­tem­por­ary art col­lec­tions.

The start­ing point of the Kun­st­sammlung (Art Col­lec­tion) NRW in Düs­sel­dorf was the pur­chase of 88 works by Paul Klee, who taught only a few metres away at the Kunstakademie Düs­sel­dorf un­til the Na­tion­al So­cial­ists came in­to power in 1933. Today, the Kun­st­sammlung NRW spans three sites and ex­hib­its art in a space meas­ur­ing more than 10,000 square metres. With an im­press­ive col­lec­tion of ma­jor works of clas­sic­al mod­ern­ism, in­clud­ing paint­ings by Pablo Pi­cas­so, Henri Ma­tisse, Wassily Kand­in­sky and Piet Mon­dri­an, the state gal­lery is con­sidered one of the most renowned col­lec­tions of mod­ern art.

As the “Ort der Kunst” (“Place for Art”), the K20 at Grabbe­platz houses the per­man­ent art­works col­lec­tion. Here stands the ex­hib­i­tion of post-war Amer­ic­an art, which in­cludes works by Andy War­hol, Robert Rauschen­berg, Don­ald Judd, Jasper Johns and Frank Stella. The main fea­ture is Jack­son Pol­lock’s world-fam­ous “Num­ber 32”. Present day works of art by artists such as Ger­hard Richter, Tony Cragg, Thomas Schütte, Kath­ar­ina Fritsch, Imi Knoebel and Joseph Beuys form an­oth­er im­port­ant fo­cus of the mu­seum.

The K21 in the Ständehaus was opened as a show­case for mod­ern art in 2002. Un­der the glass dome of the former North Rhine-West­phali­an state par­lia­ment build­ing, it of­fers it­self up as an “Ort der Künst­ler” (“Place for Artists”), provid­ing space for tem­por­ary ex­hib­i­tions.

The F3 Schmela Haus in Düs­sel­dor­f's old town com­pletes the set as the third site of the NRW art col­lec­tion. The build­ing pre­vi­ously housed a gal­lery and has now be­come the “Ort der Diskus­sion” (“Place for Dis­cus­sion”). It is home to both an artist­ic re­hears­al stage and an ex­per­i­ment­al lab.

Open­ing hours:

K20 and K21:

Tues­day to Fri­day: 10:00 am - 18:00 pm

Sat­urday, Sunday and pub­lic hol­i­days: 11:00 am - 18:00 pm

F3 Schmela Haus:

Spe­cial open­ing times for events. Free ad­mis­sion.

Map of NRW

Images and videos

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Kunstsammlung NRW, Außenansicht K21, © Kunstsammlung NRW/Sebastian Drueen
Kunstsammlung NRW, Außenansicht K20, © Kunstsammlung NRW/Sebastian Drueen
In dem Museum Kunstsammlung NRW, © Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH
Kunstsammlung NRW, Innenansicht K21, © Kunstsammlung NRW/Sebastian Drueen
Kunstsammlung NRW, Innenansicht K20, © Kunstsammlung NRW/Sebastian Drueen
Kunstsammlung NRW, Ausstellung Edvard Munch – gesehen von Karl Ove Knausgård, © Kunstsammlung NRW/Achim Kukulies
Kunstsammlung NRW Düsseldorf Menschen unterwegs im Museum© Studio Tomás Saraceno 2013, Kunstsammlung NRW, © Studio Tomás Saraceno 2013

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