Zug am Fernbahnhof Düsseldorf Flughafen , © Andreas Wiese, Flughafen Düsseldorf

Ar­riv­ing by train

Com­fort­able jour­ney through NRW

More than 30 IC, EC and ICE rail­way sta­tions along with a well-co­ordin­ated loc­al pub­lic trans­port net­work all en­sure a com­fort­able jour­ney. Rail trav­el­lers from Bri­tain can make it from Lon­don to Co­logne in five hours: firstly with the Eurostar to Brus­sels, and then on­wards with the ICE to Co­logne.

Passengers flying to an airport in NRW and travelling onwards by train will reach their destination quickly thanks to the densest rail network in Germany. More than 30 IC, EC and ICE railway stations along with a well-coordinated local public transport network all ensure a comfortable journey. Rail travellers from Britain can make it from London to Cologne in five hours: firstly with the Eurostar to Brussels, and then onwards with the ICE to Cologne.

When they arrive, tourists can easily see all the sights by taking the train. Regionally valid tickets like the “SchönerTagTicket” offer a good-value way to discover several places in one day. Couples, families and solo travellers can spend an entire day criss-crossing NRW on a single fixed-price ticket.