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Hik­ing tours for au­tumn days

Strolling through the nature - alone or as a group

Col­or­ful forests and shiny fruits, the last sun­rays make hik­ing in the au­tumn a spe­cial ex­per­i­ence. Dis­cov­er our au­tumn hik­ing areas for your next trip to NRW!

For many people, the au­tumn is the best time for hik­ing. It?s no longer so hot that every step is tor­ture, and at the same time, the air is of­ten par­tic­u­larly fresh and clear, so that you can en­joy par­tic­u­larly spec­tac­u­lar views. We?ve com­piled a list of the au­tumn tours in NRW that you will par­tic­u­larly en­joy, which you shouldn?t miss this year, and where you can get to­geth­er with oth­er hikers.

10 years of the Eifel­steig

The most fam­ous hik­ing trail in the Eifel is turn­ing ten years old. To cel­eb­rate this, guided ex­per­i­ence hikes will be offered on 12 and 13 as well as 19 and 20 Oc­to­ber 2019. High­lights in­clude a birds of prey demon­stra­tion at the ?Mod­en­hü­bel? Eifel view­ing point, a guided tour of Stein­feld Ab­bey, nat­ur­al Kneipp ther­apies on the Urft river and a ju­ni­per sur­prise in the nature con­ser­va­tion area of Lampertstal.

Tours of dis­cov­ery around the nean­der­land Steig route

To the left and right of the nean­der­land Steig hik­ing trail, which cov­ers around 240 kilo­metres, hikers can dis­cov­er places of in­terest, nature and his­tor­ic towns and vil­lages in the area on new paths. 13 short cir­cu­lar paths up to 19 kilo­metres long lead off from the Steig and con­nect at­trac­tions with each oth­er. 


The Baldeney­steig trail in the Ruhr re­gion has been open to hikers. It runs over 30 kilo­metres around the Baldeney­see lake in the hilly land­scape to the south of Es­sen. Every so of­ten, there are won­der­ful pan­or­amic views. To the north, the route passes through forests, and along fields and farms in the south. For hikers want­ing to shorten the route, there?s the op­tion of tak­ing the Weisse Flotte Baldey boat or the Hes­per­tal­bahn rail­way.

His­tor­ic Sie­gen-Achen­bach cir­cu­lar route

The his­tor­ic Sie­gen-Achen­bach cir­cu­lar route has been awar­ded the ?Qual­ität­sweg Wanderbares Deutsch­land ? Kul­turer­leb­nis? (?Qual­ity Hik­ing Trail, Walk­ing in Ger­many - Cul­tur­al Ex­per­i­ence?) cer­ti­fic­ate. As a ?hik­ing high point to the left and right of the Rothaarsteig?, there is a lot to dis­cov­er on the twelve kilo­metre-long themed route. With bub­bling springs, wild orch­ids and wooden churches, the trail of­fers an un­usu­al mix of nature and cul­ture.

Fruit trail

Au­tumn is har­vest time! The fruit trail (Obstweg) in Leich­lin­gen, one of the rambles in the Ber­gisches Land re­gion, provides in­form­a­tion about apple grow­ing over a route of around six kilo­metres, and shows the wide vari­ety of ways in which people can use this fruit. As well as dif­fer­ent in­form­a­tion pan­els, there are also two au­dio sta­tions along the edge of the path, which play fairytales and poems with apples and pears as their theme.

Forest fruits tour

Ed­ible mush­rooms, fruits, seeds and plants are all wait­ing to be found by hikers in the au­tumn forests. On the forest fruits tour on 13 Oc­to­ber 2019 in the Ex­ter­tal val­ley, you?ll find in­form­a­tion on loc­al fruits, with the op­por­tun­ity to try them for your­self every so of­ten.

Mush­room ex­cur­sion

Which mush­rooms are we al­lowed to eat? And what do they say about the place where they grow? On a hike in Schieder-Schwalen­berg on 13 Oc­to­ber 2019, the theme is these tasty forest dwell­ers.

Five streams path

On the five streams path (?Fünf-Bäche-Weg?) in Bad Wünnen­berg, you pass through col­our­ful forests along the small streams, the Gol­meke, Nette, Lüh­lings­bach, Mur­mecke and Aabach. For those who want to treat their tired feet after the 23 kilo­metre-long hike, there?s an op­por­tun­ity to take a Kneipp bath or walk along a 1 kilo­metre-long bare­foot path.

Two Castles Trail

Au­tumn views and his­tor­ic in­sights are offered on this tour along the Two Castles Trail (?Zwei-Bur­gen-Wander­weg?) in the Sauer­land re­gion. The tour be­gins and ends at Burg Schnel­len­berg castle above At­ten­dorn. Along the way, hikers not only pass the castle ru­ins of Walden­burg, but also the Biggeblick sky­walk, which of­fers fant­ast­ic views. An­oth­er his­tor­ic fea­ture along the way is the Walden­burg chapel. It is one of the few build­ings to be saved from the flood­ing of the Bigge­see lake, and was re­built else­where. A tip for the winter sea­son: dur­ing ad­vent, a crib scene with around 70 fig­ures is set up in this small build­ing, which can be seen from the out­side when the chapel is closed.

Büren hik­ing week

With over 250 kilo­metres of marked hik­ing trails, Büren is an im­port­ant hik­ing junc­tion in the Pader­borner Land re­gion. Dur­ing the course of one week, the ?Büren­er Wander­woche?, or ?Büren hik­ing week? of­fers guided tours: from 15 to 19 Oc­to­ber 2018, two routes each day are offered (10-14 and 20-28 kilo­metres). After the tour, hikers can for­ti­fy them­selves with a mid­day meal.

Schmidter hik­ing week

The ?Schmidter Wander­woche? (?Schmidter hik­ing week?) will be held for the first time this year. From 14 to 18 Septem­ber 2019, routes will pass through the won­der­ful Eifel land­scape to the col­our­ful sand­stone rocks in Nide­g­gen and along the Rursee lake. The tours are between eight and 16.5 kilo­metres long.

Images and videos

Au­tumn in NRW

Gipfel Clemensberg in Winterberg, © Ferienwelt Winterberg
Wandern im Herbst in Bad Wünnenberg, © Lea Franke
Bürener Wanderwoche, © Stadt Büren
Wanderinnen auf dem Fünf-Bäche-Weg in Bad Wünnenberg, © Lea Franke

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