Signal Iduna Stadium Dortmund, © Roland Gorecki

NRW is cel­eb­rat­ing foot­ball

Pub­lic view­ing & fan zones

The host cities do not limit their celebration of football to the stadiums. Some places offer joint public viewing, and fan zones provide locations where football fans from around the world can meet. This is where matches are broadcast, and interactive campaigns create football experiences. Cologne even has a Football Village for fans to gather, creating a culture space where they can feel right at home in North Rhine-Westphalia. Football equals great emotion and plenty of passion – ideally experienced in a group. Our overview shows where fans will meet in the host cities to celebrate football together.

Friends toast each other with Altbier in Düsseldorf's Old Town., © Johannes Höhn, Tourismus NRW e.V.

Pub­lic View­ing & Fan Zones

At a glance

Friedensplatz & Westfalenpark

  • Dortmund even has two meeting sites for shared football experiences: The Westfalenpark affords an opportunity to watch all six games in Dortmund, all matches of the German national team, and the finals on an enormous screen, framed by game and sports programs and two concert nights.
  • The Friedensplatz also operates a fan zone that is open every day, where all matches are broadcast live. A diverse supporting programme will turn the place into a location where football fans from across Europe can meet.

Nordsternpark & Amphitheater

  • The city in the Ruhr area has established a fan zone in the Nordsternpark. Apart from the joint public viewing of all matches, many famous and local bands will be performing here.
  • Another great public viewing is hosted in the amphitheatre, where all matches played in Gelsenkirchen and all matches of the German national team will be broadcast.

Burgplatz & Schauspielhaus

  • Düsseldorf has two fan zones: The Burgplatz between the old town and the banks of the river Rhine will let you enjoy one of the city’s most beautiful sunsets on top of the cultural programme and sports broadcasts. The architecture hot spot Schauspielhaus is where the local scene is merging football with culture, while the illuminated Schauspielhaus façade is a highlight in the evening hours.
  • The banks of the Rhine in Düsseldorf are converted into the city’s public-viewing spot, where all matches of the German national team as well as the other ones played in Düsseldorf will be shown. Fans can enjoy the rest of their night with like-minded companions in the old town.

Heumarkt & Tanzbrunnen

  • Football Village is the fan zone on the Heumarkt and the central point of contact for football fans in Cologne, where you can find Cologne-style football flair, interactive offerings, gastronomy, and, of course, the broadcasts of all matches.
  • Public viewing for the matches in Cologne will take place in the Tanzbrunnen – with a view of the World Cultural Heritage Colone Cathedral across the river Rhine. Since all things Euro 2024 in Cologne are happening on either side of the river, free-of-charge crossings by ferry are provided.

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The Gehry Buildings in the Media Harbour in Düsseldorf, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

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