Zeche Zollverein bei Nacht., © Jochen Schlutius, Ruhr Tourismus

18 Spe­cial Photo Spots in NRW

Any­one head­ing for these des­tin­a­tions must be sure to bring a cam­era

NRW is definitely worth a visit, if you’re looking for amazing and instagrammable photo spots. We collected a few of them, that are offering more than just a nice view! Discover e.g. the Indemann, the Tetraeder in Bottrop, the Externsteine in Horn-Bad Meinberg or Schloss Türnich in Kerpen.

Der Indemann in der Freizeitregion Indeland., © Freizeitregion Indeland

Photo spot 1: The In­demann

The Indemann is the symbol of the Indeland region. It is a 35-meter high tower in the form of a man. From the viewing platforms at different heights, visitors have all-round views over the region between Aachen and Cologne.

Alter Flecken Freudenberg in Siegen-Wittgenstein, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Photo spot 2: The Alte Fleck­en

In the historical town centre of Freudenberg, black-and-white half-timbered houses are crammed tightly together, and are reminiscent of a small 17th century town. This popular photo motif in Siegen-Wittgenstein is known as the ‘Alter Flecken’, and offers great motifs from a hill on the edge of the town as well as from close up.

Die Aussichtsplattform Nase im Wind an der Tiefenrother Höhe in Siegen-Wittgenstein., © Natalie Glatter, Tourismusverband Siegerland-Wittgenstein

Photo spot 3: The „Nase im Wind“ view­ing plat­form

The ‘Nase im Wind’ (‘nose in the wind’), a viewing platform on the Tiefenrother Höhe hill on the Rothaarsteig trail, offers photographers a view of the forests and meadows of the Rothaargebirge hills. The sunsets during the summer months are a popular photo subject.

Ausblick von der Sparrenburg auf Bielefeld., © Gerald Paetzer

Photo spot 4: The Spar­ren­burg

The Sparrenburg in Bielefeld is itself particularly well-suited as a photo motif, while also offering a great view over the city and the Teutoburger Wald forest. The fortress complex, which is around 800 years old, is located on the ridge of the hills above the Bielefeld old city.

Tulips in front of Türnich Castle in Kerpen., © Ralph Sondermann, Tourismus NRW e.V.

Photo spot 5: Schloss Tür­nich palace

The Baroque Schloss Türnich palace in Kerpen is a magical location that is already frequently used as a film set. The palace itself is currently being restored. From the outside, it already looks majestic and beautiful, and the palace grounds with its gardens and a grand, elegant avenue of trees, are also worth visiting. A café in the courtyard offers bread and organic cakes.

Viadukt Ruhrtalstraße Nord auf dem Panorama Radweg im Neanderland., © Technische Betriebe Velbert

Photo spot 6: Pan­or­amic cycle routes

Visitors travelling by bike can take a break along the panoramic cycle routes and discover great photo locations. On the 40-meter high Saubrücke bridge in Velbert, for example, it’s worth getting off your bike and digging out your camera. The Nordtal-Ruhrbrücke bridge and the Ruhrstrasse viaduct in Heiligenhaus are also particularly photogenic.

Auf dem Weser-Skywalk ist man selten allein, © Hermann-Josef Sander

Photo spot 7: The Weser Sky­walk

On the Weser Skywalk near Würgassen, which extends over four meters above the Hannoversche Klippen rocks, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view out over the Teutoburger Wald forest and the Weser river. During the day, the red-brown rocks become very hot, which is why the rocks are home to many different types of butterfly.

View of the Externsteine in the Teutoburg Forest, © Dominik Ketz, Tourismus NRW e.V.

Photo spot 8: The Ex­tern­steine rocks

The Externsteine rocks have existed in the Teutoburger Wald forest since the Ice Age. The sandstone giants are imposing natural monuments and are excellently suited as photo motifs. They tower up into the sky like huge spikes, and are reflected in the surface of the water.

Nachtaufnahme im Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord mit Blick auf die Krankbrücke., © Thomas Berns

Photo spot 9: Duis­burg-Nord land­scape park

The industrial culture in NRW offers particularly impressive photo locations. In the Duisburg-Nord landscape park, furnaces and metal pipes are lit up in red, blue and green when the sun begins to set. Here, spectacular photos can be taken at night using long-term exposure. For anyone without a fear of heights, there is a great view out over the Ruhr area from the furnace.

Unesco Welterbe Zeche Zollverein bei Tag., © Jochen Tack, Stiftung Zollverein

Photo spot 10: The Zeche Zollver­ein col­li­ery

The Zollverein UNESCO World Heritage Site in Essen also offers great motifs for any camera lens. Photographers will find tall chimneys, angled pipes and unusual architecture in what used to be the largest colliery in the world.

Aerial view of the Tetrahedron on a slag heap in Bottrop, © Dominik Ketz, Tourismus NRW e.V.

Photo spot 11: Rubble heaps

Many rubble heaps in the Ruhr area are adorned with works of art, such as a tetrahedron on the Beckstrasse rubble heap in Bottrop. This landmark, which is impossible to miss, is a sculpture that not only offers great photo opportunities at ground level. The first platform can be reached via free-floating stairs, and a ladder takes visitors up to the second platform, which is 38 meters above ground. Both offer wonderful views onto the Ruhr area.

Ansicht auf Broicher Wasserturm mit Camera Obscura., © Saskia Ketz

Photo spot 12: Wa­ter towers

Two water towers in Mülheim an der Ruhr are photogenic relics of industrial history, and offer beautiful views onto the Ruhrtal valley. A highlight for photo fans: the cupola of the water tower in Broich contains the largest accessible camera obscura in the world, offering images from the city and surrounding area.
www.aquarius-wassermuseum.de | www.camera-obscura-muelheim.de

Landmarke Tiger and Turtle in Duisburg., © Jochen Schlutius, Ruhr Tourismus GmbH

Photo spot 13: Ti­ger & Turtle

The walk-in roller coaster in Duisburg really is unique: the spiral routes and curves of this landmark, the ‘Tiger&Turtle’, offer a never-ending stream of new photographic details. At the top on the sculpture, an impressive view opens out over the Rhine, the furnaces of the Krupps Mannesmann smelting works and the port complex.

Radausflug zur Aussichtsplattform Biggeblick am Biggesee., © Sauerland-Radwelt e. V. – Radwerkstatt Sauerland – Siegerland-Wittgenstein

Photo spot 14: The Biggeblick

The Biggeblick viewing platform lies above the Biggedamm dam in Attendorn and offers a view onto the dam, the Waldenburg castle ruins and the surrounding forests in the Sauerland region. At night, the platform is illuminated and attracts a particularly large number of photographers.

Blick auf die Landschaft in der Eifel., © Archiv Eifel Tourismus GmbH

Photo spot 15: The Eifel view­points

Photographers travelling to the Eifel should pack their wide-angle lens to be able to capture the panoramic views. At 65 sites, or ‘Eifel-Blicke’ (Eifel viewpoints), panorama overviews and compass panels indicate which mountains, lakes and castles can be seen from afar.

View of the tree top walk Panarbora, © Dominik Ketz, Tourismus NRW e.V.

Photo spot 16: Panar­bora nature ex­per­i­ence park

A walk among the treetops in the Bergisches Land region offers entirely new perspectives for photographers. In the Panarbora nature experience park, visitors follow a treetop walkway up to a 34-meter high viewing tower that offers broad views over the region.

View of the Urft reservoir on the Eifelsteig trail, © Dominik Ketz, Tourismus NRW e.V.

Photo spot 17: The Urft­talsperre dam

The Urfttalsperre on the Urftsee lake in the Eifel region is a particularly popular photo motif. Anyone planning to take a trip here should also pay a visit to the former NS Ordensburg Vogelsang fortress, which is located above the reservoir.

Ausblick auf den Drachenfels und Schloss Drachenburg., © Rheinsteig-Büro

Photo spot 18: The Drachen­fels rock

The Drachenfels in the Siebengebirge nature park near Königswinter is a legendary place. The Drachenfels plateau offers a view onto the Rhineland region. Visitors who don’t wish to climb up to the plateau can take the Drachenfelsbahn railway.