Blick aus dem Audienzsaal Schloss Augustusburg, © André Menne, Peter Wieler

UN­ESCO World Her­it­age in NRW

The most im­port­ant her­it­age sites in NRW

Em­per­ors and elect­ors, men of the church and big in­dus­tri­al­ists have all left their mark in North Rhine-West­phalia. Five splen­did monu­ments and a his­tor­ic­al bor­der are now in­cluded in UN­ESCO’s list of World Her­it­age Sites. Im­pos­ing cathed­rals, mag­ni­fi­cent castles, monu­ments from Ro­man times, an im­mense former Be­ne­dict­ine ab­bey and the most beau­ti­ful coal mine in the world all have a fas­cin­at­ing his­tory wait­ing to be dis­covered.

Cor­vey Höx­ter

West­phalia’s first UN­ESCO World Her­it­age Site

West­phalia gained its first UN­ESCO World Her­it­age Site in 2014: The former Be­ne­dict­ine ab­bey at Cor­vey with the same name as the lost mon­as­tery town is per­mit­ted to carry this title.

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Lower Ger­man­ic Limes in the Rhine­land

A Wet Bor­der and the Seed of Urb­an Centres

What is now a UN­ESCO World Her­it­age used to sep­ar­ate the Ro­man Em­pire from Ger­mania. Today, trav­el­lers can feel times long past in many sta­tions along the bor­der as they ex­plore his­tor­ic­al build­ing monu­ments and learn more about the Ro­mans’ lives. Tour high­lights in­clude Co­logne, Xanten, and Mon­heim.

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The Brühl Palaces Brühl

Baroque build­ings of ex­em­plary char­ac­ter

Vis­it­ors find the baroque splend­our of the Brühl palaces simply breath­tak­ing. Any­one who stands in the stair­way will un­der­stand why oth­er roy­al courts can only look at Brühl with envy. Today, both struc­tures and their gar­dens and parks are lis­ted as Un­esco World Her­it­age sites.

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Aachen Cathed­ral

Ger­many's first UN­ESCO World Her­it­age Site

In 1978, the cathed­ral be­came the first ever Ger­man cul­tur­al monu­ment to be des­ig­nated a UN­ESCO World Her­it­age Site. Its his­tory dates back to the Em­per­or Char­le­magne.

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Co­logne Cathed­ral

Co­logne Cathed­ral: mag­net for pil­grims and tour­ists

The cathed­ral serves not only as Co­logne’s most vis­ible land­mark; it is also the most pop­u­lar at­trac­tion in Ger­many. A high­light is a trip across its roofs.

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UN­ESCO World Her­it­age Site Zollver­ein

From in­dus­tri­al site to UN­ESCO World Her­it­age Site

Pre­vi­ously the site of toils, today Zollver­ein of­fers in­dus­tri­al cul­ture at its best: art, con­certs, fest­ivals and sport­ing op­por­tun­it­ies set against an im­press­ive back­drop.

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