Lego bridge in Wuppertal with pedestrians, © Johannes Höhn, artist Martin Heuwold

Short tips for short trips

Up to date & di­verse

A week­end and a bit of ad­ven­tur­ous­ness are all you need: In our short tips for short trips, we take a look at curi­ous themes, un­dis­covered places and un­usu­al high­lights for short trips in North Rhine-West­phalia.

View from the Sparrenburg on Bielefeld, © Bielefeld Marketing, Franziska Beckmann

Hik­ing with (big) city flair

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Facades Merowingerstraße, Cologne, © Johannes Höhn

Lov­able, lively streets

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View of the staircase of the Küppersmühle Museum, Duisburg, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Great stairs

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Wooden footbridge of the large peat bog in Lübbecke, © Leo Thomas

Bad-weath­er days

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Suspension bridge at Kühhude on Rothaarsteig, © Rothaarsteigverein, Björn Hänssler

Spe­cial bridge ex­per­i­ences

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Sewage fields in the Münsterland , © Lennart Pagel

Di­git­al Photo Al­bum

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