The Social Traveler with Rose in Rhein-Kreis-Neuss, © Bjorn Troch / The Social Traveler

The So­cial Trav­el­er

Bjorn & Rose in North Rhine-West­phalia

To­geth­er with his Bulli named Rose, The So­cial Trav­el­er Bjorn Troch made his way to North Rhine-West­phalia to tackle some chal­lenges con­cern­ing a hol­i­day des­tin­a­tion. Only with the help of his friends and fol­low­ers from around the world and without guide books or search en­gines, he made his way through NRW.

Bjorn Troch is The Social Traveler, a belgian Blogger, who has a mission: Being social around the world! Everything that happens on his travels is social and connected to people, that means no guidebooks or google.

On his adventures he gets Destination Challenges by those who invite him as for example Tourismus NRW, which he has to accomplish only with the help of his friends and followers. His missions in North Rhine-Westphalia he tackles together with his yellow VW-Bus named Rose. Read about Bjorn's and Rose's challenging trip through NRW here or on his blog: Awesome places to visit in North Rhine-Westphalia.