Cherry blossom in Bonn, © Johannes Höhn

Cherry blos­som time

Pho­to­gen­ic wealth of col­ours

Many places in North Rhine-Westphalia offer magical spectacles of nature when spring makes the cherry trees bloom, usually in late March or early April. Photography enthusiasts particularly rejoice in the photogenic wealth of colour in shades of rose, white, and pink. Let us show you our five favourite cherry-blossom spots in North Rhine-Westphalia. They are worth visiting for more than just their impressive cherry trees.

1. Bonn – Pink splendour in front of old building façades

Bonn probably is NRW’s most popular cherry-blossom spot. If Heerstraße and Breite Straße become too crowded, as they tend to during this time, you can spend some time at the cafés and restaurants by the side of the street until you have a clear view for your perfect shot.

2. Essen – Strolling underneath the cherry blossoms

Rüttenscheider Straße in Essen is known for its small shops, cafés, and restaurants, where you can not only let the blossoming cherry trees amaze you, but also stroll up and down the street and enjoy a spring-themed shopping experience.

3. Schloss Westerwinkel – a sea of blossoms in the castle garden

The pink blossoms, the green park, and the castle’s sandstone wall form a magical composition together. Baroque Schloss Westerwinkel in Münsterland near Ascheberg was built within an English Garden and invites visitors on a stroll. The outdoor area is open at all times.

4. Bielefeld – a town hike in spring

Bielefeld’s street “Auf dem Langen Kampe” sports about 240 blossoming Japanese cherry trees in a magnificent cherry blossom avenue every spring. Apart from this, Bielefeld is perfectly situated for an urban hiking tour, which is a particular treat in spring time.

5. Meerbusch – celebrating the blooming cherry trees

Meerbusch will not only amaze you with its blooming cherry trees, it even hosts an entire festival for them. Let the cherry blossom festival with stage programme, food stalls, and vendors’ booths introduce you to Japanese culture.

  • Cherry blossom trees in the old town in Bonn, © Johannes Höhn
    Cherry Blossom Heerstraße Bonn, © Johannes Höhn, Tourismus NRW e.V.
    Cherry blossom Rüttenscheider Straße Essen, © Ruhr Tourismus, Dennis Stratmann
  • Cherry blossom Westerwinkel Castle, © Münsterland e.V., Philipp Fölting

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