Cologne Rhine panorama in the evenening with ship, © Dieter Jacobi /KölnTourismus

Co­logne pier

Fairy-tale worlds around the cathed­ral city

Outside of the city, impressive palaces with World-Heritage status or unique fantasy worlds with roller coasters, rides, and shows are waiting to be explored. It doesn’t always have to be the Cologne cathedral – how about a trip to the one in Aachen? You may also visit the “Wahner Heide” – a green destination right outside the city.

Aachen Cathed­ral

Ger­many's first UN­ESCO World Her­it­age Site

In 1978, the cathed­ral be­came the first ever Ger­man cul­tur­al monu­ment to be des­ig­nated a UN­ESCO World Her­it­age Site. Its his­tory dates back to the Em­per­or Char­le­magne.

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Bundeskun­sthalle in Bonn

The Art and Ex­hib­i­tion Hall of the Fed­er­al Re­pub­lic of Ger­many

Liv­ing cul­ture and pro­mot­ing cul­tur­al ex­change: The Art and Ex­hib­i­tion Hall of the Fed­er­al Re­pub­lic of Ger­many serves an of­fi­cial func­tion. The fa­cil­ity shows up to four ex­hib­i­tions sim­ul­tan­eously. The es­tab­lish­ment also of­fers high-qual­ity events, me­dia con­fer­ences and con­certs.

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Im­merse your­self in fant­ast­ic­al worlds at a dream theme park

Africa, China, Mex­ico and Ber­lin meet mys­tery and fantasy – only at Phant­as­i­a­land! Six themed areas of­fer a world of ad­ven­ture with roller­coast­ers, log flume rides and much more.

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The Brühl Palaces Brühl

Baroque build­ings of ex­em­plary char­ac­ter

Vis­it­ors find the baroque splend­our of the Brühl palaces simply breath­tak­ing. Any­one who stands in the stair­way will un­der­stand why oth­er roy­al courts can only look at Brühl with envy. Today, both struc­tures and their gar­dens and parks are lis­ted as Un­esco World Her­it­age sites.

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The Wahn Heath

For Co­logne res­id­ents, the Wahn Heath is a green re­cre­ation oas­is right on their door­step, while for 700 en­dangered plant and an­im­al spe­cies, it is one of their last avail­able refuges.

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