Weihnachtsstimmung auf Burg Satzvey, © Mike Goehre

Mechernich, Burg Satzvey

at the castle

02.12.2023 to 17.12.2023

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The year of events at Satzvey Castle comes to an atmospheric end with what is probably the most beautiful and romantic Christmas market with a medieval nativity scene. Numerous traders and craftsmen offer their wares on the castle grounds. From handcrafted gifts such as wooden toys, Christmas tree decorations, nativity scenes, soaps and incense to culinary specialities from the region, visitors will find everything that contributes to a successful celebration and shining eyes.

Nativity play staged according to medieval models
For more than 15 years now, Burg Satzvey has been presenting a nativity play in the castle park several times a day, which in its detailed design and costumes is modelled on the one from the Stauffer period. At that time, only very few people could read and so the Christmas story was told to them in this way. The scenes are brought to life by the ringing of the proclamator's bells. The incidents known from the Bible are spoken and acted out in Latin and Middle High German and translated by the Proclamator for the audience to understand.


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Burgweihnacht Burg Satzey, © Burg Satzvey, Mike Goehren
Idyllische Stimmung bei der Burgweihnacht Satzvey, © Mike Goehre
Blick auf die weihnachtliche Burg, © Mike Goehre

all dates

Saturday, 09.12.2023

Begin: 13:00 o'clock | End: 20:00 o'clock

Sunday, 10.12.2023

Begin: 12:00 o'clock | End: 19:00 o'clock

Saturday, 16.12.2023

Begin: 13:00 o'clock | End: 20:00 o'clock

Sunday, 17.12.2023

Begin: 12:00 o'clock | End: 19:00 o'clock

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