Architektur Kokerei, © Jochen Tack  Stiftung Zollverein

Hansa Cok­ing Plant in Dortmund

The in­dus­tri­al monu­ment dat­ing from 1928 of­fers in­sights in­to coal and coke min­ing work

Enter the Nature & Tech­no­logy Ad­ven­ture Trail and dis­cov­er the his­tory of coal and coke at the mu­seum of the Hansa Cok­ing Plant in­dus­tri­al monu­ment.

Dortmund-Huckarde holds a relic of days gone by, offering fascinating insights into the history of heavy industry during the last century. The Hansa Coking Plant is one of the anchor points on the Industrial Heritage Trail, which connects the region’s major industrial heritage sites. The coking plant is now a listed building and invites visitors to take an exciting trip through its past history. 

The Hansa Coking Plant was put into operation as a large-scale coking plant for the Dortmund area in 1928. Until 1992, pit coal from nearby mines was used to produce coke and coke oven gas. Important raw materials for the chemical industry were also obtained from these processes. Today, the Hansa Coking Plant is a landmark to a bygone era and offers insights into the history of heavy industry during the last century. The old industrial plant can be taken in along the ‘Nature and Technology Adventure Trail’. The trail first leads up the coal tower, giving a fantastic view of the surroundings, then back down to the coke battery where coal was once “baked” into coke at temperatures reaching 1000 degrees Celsius. Visitors wind up their journey in the machine hall, the jewel of the plant with its erstwhile ensemble of five gas compressors.

The outdoor areas of the Hansa Coking Plant have been re-conquered by nature during the years following its decommissioning: wild flowers and plants have made their home here, including exotic examples of flora and fauna. This not only allows visitors the opportunity to admire the coking plant’s unique architecture and enjoy an educational museum experience, but also to relax in the natural surrounds. Athletic endeavours are also available at the site of the coking plant: the old turbo compressor building has been converted into a large climbing hall.

The Stiftung Denkmalpflege (Foundation for the Conservation of Historic Monuments) regularly offers tours on weekends and public holidays. And an additional journey of exploration awaits for children: Kokskrümel Karlchen (Little Charlie Cokekin) leads younger guests on a child-friendly tour through the coking plant.

Opening hours:
April to October:
Tuesday - Sunday: 10 am - 6 pm

November to March:
Tuesday - Sunday: 10 am - 4 pm

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Familienführung in der Kokerei Hansa, © Stiftung Industriedenkmalpflege und Geschichtskultur / Karlheinz Jardner
Architektur Kokerei, © Jochen Tack  Stiftung Zollverein
Ausblick in den Park, © Thomas Willemsen
Kokerei Hansa Dortmund bei Nacht, © Thomas Willemsen
alter Löschturm, © Stiftung Industriedenkmalpflege und Geschichtskultur / Karlheinz Jardner

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