Tecklenburg Teutoburger Forest, © Tourismus NRW e.V., Hannah Förster

Har­vest ex­per­i­ence

Mush­rooms, apples & wine

Lending a hand with the apple harvest at the Lower Rhine, stopping on a hiking path to watch the vintners harvest wine in the Siebengebirge, or wandering the Winterberger high heath in order to fill one’s basket with blueberries: Late summer sets off the harvesting season for regional treats in NRW, which will last well into autumn. Sample the fruit in the vineyards, under apple trees, or in the mountain heath. After all, the harvest will taste the best in the fresh air.

Apple tree on the grounds of the Haus Nottbeck cultural estate, © Johannes Höhn

Apple har­vest at the Lower Rhine

In­to the orch­ards on the har­vest cart

The Neuhollandshof on the Lower Rhine processes organic apples into the farm’s own products. The fruit is ripe for harvesting on the sprawling apple orchards every September and October. Anyone interested may spend a half or full day helping to collect apples either alone or with friends or family. The reward comes straight from the tree.

The Haus Bürgel biology station in Monheim on the Rhine is also looking for active volunteers to help with the fruit harvest: Apples and pears are to be shaken from the trees and collected on 19 September, to be processed into “Trink-Mit” apple juice and “Bürgeler Obstbrand” brandy. 

www.clostermann-organics.com | www.biostation-d-me.de

Der Goldene Pfad auf der Niederfelder Hochheide in Winterberg, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Win­ter­berg blue­berry fields

Cau­tion! Blue fin­gers ahead!

A veritable blueberry paradise is waiting at altitudes in excess of 800 metres on the Winterberg high plateaus in summer and early autumn. From late June to September, the tasty berries can be picked and eaten right from the bushes. Beyond being a paradise for berry enthusiasts, the high heath also offers an ideal destination to spend a day in nature thanks to its many hiking trails.
www.imsauerland.de/auf-ins-blaue | www.winterberg.de/hochheide-kahler-asten

Weinreben, © Ralph Sondermann

A wine hike in the Siebenge­birge

NRW’s only vit­i­cul­ture area

Autumn is turning the leaves in the Siebengebirge vineyards red and yellow as the wine harvest commences. No matter if you prefer a guided tour with wine tasting or a solitary hike on the wine information trails: put on your hiking boots and get going in your NRW’s only vineyards. If you like, you can also go on a small detour or two along the Rheinsteig through the legendary Siebengebirge region.
www.siebengebirge.com | www.virtuellesbrueckenhofmuseum.de/weinwanderweg.html

Sunrise over the forests of the Sauerland, © Oliver Franke, Tourismus NRW e.V.

Col­lect­ing mush­rooms in the Rothaarge­birge

Mush­room sem­inars and forest ex­cur­sions

Moist nights and warm days in autumn make the mushrooms shoot from the ground in the Rothaargebirge. If you are uncertain of which ones are edible and which ones are better left where they have grown, you can join an autumn excursion guided by a mushroom specialist or attend one of the mushroom seminars offered for beginners and advanced participants by the mushroom museum in Bad Laasphe. Hundreds of different mushrooms are permanently on exhibition there, too.