Grugahalle Essen, © Rainer Schimm

The Pop Trail Ruhr Area

The pop spots at a glance

Have you lost your music thread during all that cheer and you stray through the streets dancing? That’s great. What’s also great is to follow the pop-trail through the Ruhr Area. The trail leads you to 90 carefully chosen spots from Grugahalle to Bermuda3eck, which you can head for one by one during an extended walk around the city. 

Sound of Ruhr Area

Grugahalle Essen, © Rainer Schimm

Pop-Trail Es­sen

A long walk: Pop-cul­tur­al echoes of the audi­ence’s ex­stat­ic de­light on the Beatles Blitz­tournee in the Gruga­halle, Frank Zappa’s quaint mad­ness on the Es­sen Sundays, great soundtracks and con­certs in the Licht­burg, con­tem­por­ary club-life in the Goethe-Bunker and Hotel Shang­hai and the met­al scene in the North dis­trict. Let’s go!

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Dortmund Nachtpanorama, © Soeren Spoo, Dortmund-Agentur, Stadt Dortmund

Pop-Trail Dortmund

From semi-leg­al be­gin­nings of the elec­tro scene in the former Uni­on-brew­ery to the Dortmun­der U with video screens and a great Pink Floyd ex­hib­i­tion, from the new FZW and in­die con­certs to fine jazz in the dom­i­cil. A walk through West­phali­as pop-his­tory.

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The Bermuda3Eck at daytime, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Pop-Trail Bo­chum

The Bo­chum Pop Route takes you to many well-known pop spots such as the Ber­muda3Eck, the Mu­sikfor­um, the König­sallee and many more.

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Concert Duisburg Landscape Park, © RTG Hoffmann

Pop-Trail Duis­burg

About har­bor bars, nos­tal­gia and great long­ing and about a (Ruhr) place that is some­times un­known even to those who know the Ruhr area.

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