Hebo Minimarket Bochum, © Ruhr Tourismus GmbH Kreklau

Prox­im­ity Search through the Ruhr Area

The mu­sic­al uni­verse between Dortmund, Es­sen, Duis­burg and Ha­gen

You’re out and about in the Ruhr Area and no matter where you’re going you’re feeling somewhat funky? That’s the best time to turn on the proximity search to pay a visit to all the music spots around you. There are more than 100 potential pilgrimage sites in total, ranging from the Jugendzentrum to clubs and record stores.

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Südrock, © Michael Wrede


Good beer, loud mu­sic, no knick-knacks.

The Bermuda3Eck at daytime, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

The Pop-Trail Bo­chum

You're just too humble.

View towards the Bermuda3Eck, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Ber­muda3Eck Haupt­platz

This Ber­muda tri­angle adds a whole new mean­ing to the bor­ing "something for every­one": This is where every night owl finds its mu­sic­al niche.

FZW crowd, © FZW

EX- Folk­club Wit­ten

Hilde­gard Döb­n­er made it pos­sible: Folk­club Wit­ten as an im­port­ant meet­ing place for the folk scene

Former JZE location today, © Jule Körber

EX-Ju­gendzen­trum JZE

For al­most 50 years, the JZE was an im­port­ant cen­ter of sub­cul­ture in Es­sen.

Poster Music Circus, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

(Ex) Mu­sic Cir­cus Ruhr

Party friends from the Lower Rhine, from Bel­gi­um and the Neth­er­lands un­der a tent tar­paul­in

The Unperfekthaus, © Ole Löding


The Un­per­fek­thaus is a quaint mix­ture of co-work­ing space, ad­ven­ture play­ground, adult edu­ca­tion cen­ter and res­taur­ant.

Matrix Crowd, © Matrix


In au­tumn 2018 the mu­seum will present a large show about the Sound of Ha­gen.

The location of the Grugahalle, © Jule Körber


What was long deemed as ugly, is mean­while ap­pre­ci­ated: The char­ac­ter­ist­ic wing-shaped hall with ac­cess to the park and fair com­mem­or­ates black and white tele­vi­sion and mono sounds.

The Die Horst-Schimanski-Gasse, © Jule Körber


What do you do if the city claims you could­n't ded­ic­ate street names to fict­ive char­ac­ters? Do it your­self -with a lot of stam­ina!

Matrix Crowd, © Matrix

(Former) Grün In

The first DAF al­bum was re­cor­ded here in 1979 on a multi-track re­cord­ing device.

Rockpalast Hohenlimburg, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

(Former) Rock­palast in Ho­hen­limburg

In only two years their ab­so­lute rock greats of the Neue Deutsche Welle like DAF, Ex­trab­reit and Ab­wärts as well as the met­al band Ac­cept, the punk rock­ers The Ex­ploited and the drum le­gend Ginger Baker per­formed.

Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld, © Ole Löding


No fash­ion shows but the dis­cov­ery of re­tail stores in one way or an­oth­er.

Matrix Crowd, © Matrix

AZ Muel­heim

Rooms and struc­tures for every­one who wants to do something

Lindenbrauerei Unna, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Unna: Linden­brauerei; Rio-Re­iser-Weg

So­cio-cul­tur­al cen­ter in a former brew­ery with a soft spot for Rio Re­iser

Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld, © Ole Löding

EX-Tante Olga

Tatort - of course, but what is Udo Linden­berg do­ing in Ruhrort?

The record store Idiot Records, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Idi­ots Re­cords

Sir Hannes Schmidt in vinyl para­dise: the lead­sing­er from "the Idi­ots" has been run­ning his filled-to-the-brim re­cord store for over 30 years now.

FZW crowd, © FZW

EX-Bei Rain­er

Cen­ter of Ha­gen's sub­cul­ture in the 80s and the fa­vor­ite place of the scene

FZW crowd, © FZW

Cap­it­ol Ha­gen

This is where the Ha­gen­ers love to party.

Matrix Crowd, © Matrix

Alte Hütte

A cer­tain repu­ta­tion has pre­ceded the Alte Hütte for gen­er­a­tions. Here you can get dir­ect­ness, mu­sic and beer at nor­mal prices.

The side entrance to the Matthäuskirche Buer-Middelich, © Jule Körber

Mat­thäuskirche Buer-Mid­de­lich

What star­ted as activ­ity against ju­ven­ile de­lin­quency be­came the beat hub

The restaurant Enstation, © Jule Körber

Neu­markt Ruhrort

Ruhrort feels like a mix­ture of har­bor ro­mance and vil­lage al­lure. And it even sounds a bit like that.

Matrix Crowd, © Matrix

Prater Bo­chum

Five areas between House, Charthits, Sch­la­ger and Hip-Hop, plus open air ter­race, bar, res­taur­ant and lounges.

Zeche Bochum, © Jule Körber

Zeche Bo­chum/ Prin­zre­genttheat­er/ Folk­wang In­sti­tut für Pop­uläre Mu­sik

Ma­gic mo­ments in the off-scene: Hand Nieswandt con­ducts in the Prin­zre­gen­tentheat­er the "Folk­wang In­sti­tute for Pop­u­lar Mu­sic"

Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld, © Ole Löding


A cameo en­semble of cul­tur­al bo­heme and bur­geois­ie.

The record store Black Plastic, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Black Plastic

The Uni­on dis­trict is home to the city's most ex­cit­ing re­cord stores. Black Plastic is al­most right across from Idi­ots Re­cords. If you're lucky you might even run in­to a little live con­cert.

Matrix Crowd, © Matrix

EX-Pink Palace

In the Pink Palace there was Techno and Sch­la­ger, but also Black Sab­bath and Motör­head.

The logo of the Rotunde, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Riff & Ro­tunde

Some nights in the Riff are just like in New York and there is room for ex­per­i­ments in the Al­ter Kath­o­likentags­bahnhof (cath­ol­ic train sta­tion)

The view of the TAO Spielhalle from the street, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

TAO - Spiel­halle

Now a gambling hall, then a high-tech field for disco ex­per­i­ments with miami vice al­lure.

FZW crowd, © FZW


The "Kulto­pia" is an im­port­ant ven­ue and of­ten even the pre­lim­in­ary stage for the big break­through.

Vestlandhalle today, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Reck­ling­hausen: Vestland­halle

Kurt Es­ter­'s le­gendary Beat Fest­ivals took place here.

Zentrum Altenberg, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Zen­trum Al­ten­berg

Lots of pro­gram and still space for your own thing

The Goldkante Bar, © Tourismus NRW e.V.


The mem­bers of the club­house tap beer them­selves and they some­times even play their re­cords.

Matrix Crowd, © Matrix


"Come, come, come, come, come to Ha­gen, be­come a pop star, cre­ate your hap­pi­ness!" An en­ti­cing prom­ise, that is par­tic­u­larly im­port­ant in the dis­trict Wehring­hausen.

Matrix Crowd, © Matrix

(Former) Tarm Cen­ter

or in the swim­ming pool, which is stand­ard here

FZW crowd, © FZW


Hier fin­d­et man Spuren von let­zten Weltkriegsge­fecht­en und der Ver­gan­gen­heit als Re­it­be­darf­shan­del, aber vor al­lem ex­zel­lente Elektro-Partys.

The pedestrian zone at Kortumstraße, © Tourismus NRW e.V.


Gröne­mey­er sings: "You're not a beauty..." - this might be just as true for this street as it is for the ex­tolled city Bo­chum. In the even­ings, the street trans­forms in­to a gate­way to the Ber­mudad­reieck.

The Don't Panic at Viehofer Platz, © Jule Körber

Vie­hofer Platz

Only the strong sur­vive. The area sur­round­ing the Tur­ock prom­ises pre­dom­in­antly the black dressed mu­sic en­thu­si­asts a glor­i­ous piece of genu­ine Ruhr­pott bliss.

FZW crowd, © FZW

Stadthalle Ha­gen

It was opened in 1981 and fits in el­eg­antly and in col­or since then, with the hilly land­scape of a former stone quarry in the Vol­met­al.

Marlene, © Marlene Bar

Mar­lene Bar

It starts late, but the nights at the Mar­lene-Bar are still long enough to track down some design hits and the pe­cu­li­ar men's room.

FZW crowd, © FZW

EX-Neue Heimat

In 1981 the hairdress­er Christa "Mausi" Dürholt" opened prob­ably the most im­port­ant dis­cotheque dur­ing Ha­gen's crazy years. This is where bands played their demos to see how the scene re­acted.

Amphietheater, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Bühne des Am­phi­theat­ers im Nord­stern­park

Where Bob Dylan plays for canal swim­mers.

Matrix Crowd, © Matrix


From the most pop­u­lar bars in Ha­gen people went off in the loud night. "Die Spinne" (The Spider) has sur­vived un­til today.

Union Brewery, © Dominik Wesche

The View

At home in the Dortmun­der U, the rooftop disco turns in­to a home for every­one who wants to dance and look out at the same time at night.

FZW Dortmund, © funky1opti

Daddy Blatzheim

Not quite "dan­cing in the moon­light" but sim­il­arly hyp­not­iz­ing un­der LEDs the night pro­gresses here

Matrix Crowd, © Matrix

Mat­rix Bo­chum

Beer, party and in­dus­tri­al cul­ture con­nect these sac­red halls in a his­tor­ic­al way.

domicil Dortmund, © Joehawkins


It has been voted ump­teen times to the coun­try's best ven­ue; even the renowned Down Beat-Magazin voted it un­der the 100 best jazz ven­ues world wide.

Matrix Crowd, © Matrix

EX-Künst­ler WG B56

A flat-shar­ing com­munity, in which it boiled with mu­sic ad­dicts. This is where the cent­ral early au­dio re­cord­ings of the Ha­gen scene popped up.

Jahrhunderthalle, © Tourismus NRW e.V.


The name is not the pro­gram here: from op­era to pop and rock to clas­sic­al mu­sic, everything is here.

FZW crowd, © FZW


Leis­ure cen­ter west (=Freizeitzen­trum West) ad­mit­tedly does­n't sound even close to the punk that is go­ing here. But Dortmun­d's bust­ling con­cert loc­a­tion is in­des­truct­ible.

The entrance to the Lichtburg, © Jule Körber


A red-vel­vet cinema palace for that very spe­cial con­cert.

Musiktheater im Revier, Gelsenkirchen, © Jule Körber

Mu­siktheat­er im Re­vi­er

The most beau­ti­ful mu­sic theatre in the re­gion serves all sec­tions and also makes ar­chi­tec­tur­al pil­grims happy.

FZW crowd, © FZW

Hotel Shang­hai

Kay Shang­hai is a big deal in the Ruhr Area’s night­life. His premises, the Hotel Shang­hai, pre­cedes in av­ant-garde elec­tro-sound with In­die ele­ments.

Concert Duisburg Landscape Park, © RTG Hoffmann

Zum Anker

The Tatort tune chimes in every stu­dent bar on Sundays. It's time to re­dis­cov­er Schi­manski go­ing retro on VHS.

Old Daddy Tie, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

EX-Old Daddy

Wild dan­cing to punk and new wave was guar­an­teed at Old Daddy's

The record store Onkel Stereo in Duisburg, © Ole Löding

Onkel Ste­reo

Vinyl, mer­chand­ise and lit­er­at­ure - the laid-back Onkel Ste­reo al­ways has something for his cus­tom­ers up his sleeves.

Die Schallplatte in Duisburg, © Jule Körber

Die Schall­platte

Duis­bur­g's re­cord store for mu­sic fans with a spe­cial taste

Grugahalle Essen, © Rainer Schimm

The Pop-Trail Es­sen

Great days and a small trendy dis­trict



So many il­lus­tri­ous fig­ures: from Her­bert Gröne­mey­er to Tana Schan­zara, from Peter Za­dek to Wolfgang Welt.

FZW crowd, © FZW

EX-Tentori­um/ EX-Delta Mu­sik Park

From the once biggest dance­floor in Ger­many to a waste­land by the Auto­bahn

Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld, © Ole Löding

Wohnzi­m­mer GE

A col­our­ful place for so­cio-cul­tur­al ex­change

Blue Moon, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

(Ex) Blue Moon

The city of Ober­hausen and its time as the cap­it­al of party tents.

Yeah Records Front, © Sabrina Schmidt

Yeah Re­cords

One of the best re­cord stores of the city

Westfalenhalle, © Tourismus NRW e.V.


Le­gendary - and for so many reas­ons. What Pink Floyd and the Bundes­liga have to do with the mega halls in Dortmund.

Anyway Front, © Sabrina Schmidt


Straight for­ward, rock­ing, un­com­plic­ated, good: a clas­sic in Frohnhausen.

Sissikingkong Front, © Tourismus NRW e.V.


In a chic am­bi­ence there are read­ings, con­certs, films and more for eyes and ears.

The Hans Sachs Haus is Gelsenkirchens city hall, © Jule Körber

Hans Sachs Haus (Stadthalle)

Meister­sing­er, rare or­gans and Moz­art jour­neys through space and time

Christuskirche, © Christuskirche


Fas­cin­at­ing live-con­certs in the heart of Bo­chum

DISCover, © Tourismus NRW e.V.


This is where ad­dicts get their black stuff from sounds and beats.

Archiv für populäre Musik im Ruhrgebiet e.V., © Ole Löding

Archiv für pop­uläre Mu­sik im Ruhrge­biet e.V.

Ten years of sound re­cord­ings, films, pho­tos books, magazines, pro­grammes, posters - more than 80,000 col­lect­or's items are gathered here.

Arena Konzert, © Raimond Spekking

Velt­ins Arena

Here, fan chants are reg­u­larly ex­changed for large hymns.

Concert Duisburg Landscape Park, © RTG Hoffmann

The Pop-Trail Duis­burg

In­nav­ig­able clichés

The restaurant  "Zum Hübi", © Jule Körber

Zum Hübi

A pilsen­er at the bar and shenanigans from the big world - what else could you ask for?

Matrix Crowd, © Matrix


Rough scrap yard charm and ex­cel­lent book­ing

Karl-Lehr-Tunnel, © Johann H. Addicks

Karl-Lehr-Tun­nel/Love­parade Gedenk­stätte

A touch­ing me­mori­al com­mem­or­at­ing the 21 vic­tims of the Love­parade 2010.

The Grammatikoff in Duisburg, © Jule Körber


You'll find out­stand­ing con­certs - es­pe­cially from bands with­in the In­die an Hip-Hop spec­trum.

FZW Dortmund, © funky1opti


A le­gend that has left its mark on count­less mu­sic fans from the re­gion and is now gain­ing pat­ina at a new loc­a­tion.

The Museum Ostwall in the Dortmunder U, © Frank Vinken

Dortmun­der U

It used to bubble in the Süd­haus and now on all levels, where in­ter­na­tion­al art and do­mest­ic art as­so­ci­ations are hos­ted in the heart of Dortmund.

Old Daddy Tie, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

(Ex-) Old Daddy Ober­hausen

The un­der­ground liv­ing room for party-makers of every kind

Turbinenhalle, © Tourismus NRW e.V.


What Brings, Kool Savas and Heino have in com­mon

Rekorder Front, © Tourismus NRW e.V.


At Rekorder there is not only mu­sic to listen to, but also mu­sic to make and dis­cuss

Grend door, © Sabrina Schmidt

Es­sen Steele

The ex­pres­sion "Stay Steele" means "don't have your head in the clouds". And that de­scribes the dir­ect ap­peal of this dis­trict quite well.

Pappschachtel, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

(Former) Pappschachtel

Five years of rock, dis­turb­ance and rack­et. Some called it fun.

FZW crowd, © FZW


Dif­fi­cult to ac­cess but all the more not­able bar and con­cert ven­ue.

Zeche sign

Zeche Carl

Hard rock and punk had a long in­flu­ence on the pro­gram of Zeche Carl as the first stage of Kreat­or, whose al­bum "Pleas­ure to kill" went around the world.

Rott5Theater, © Tourismus NRW e.V.


Rail­way bridge, red lights and Rott­straße. What sounds edgy,is edgy: this is Bo­chum's tune.