Illustration Zeche Zollverein, © Saskia Wragge

All about the Ruhr Area

From the youth cen­ters to the world

The beat wave rolled into the Ruhr Area by the end of the 60s. The youth centers were epitomes of pop tsunamis at the same time. Even the churches offered beat services fort he youth. Later on it was especially the city of Hagen, that set the Neue Deutsche Welle in motion with bands such as Extrabreit and Nena. Herbert Grönemeyer conquered the music world from Bochum and planted his hymns in countless hearts. Even Frida Gold – one oft he most prominent contemporary German language bands has made their way back home from Berlin.

To start the pop musical tour through the Ruhr Area, choose the Pop Trail. It will guide you to carefully chosen spots in the region. If you would rather browse around and explore the pop pilgrimage sites around you, choose the Proximity Search. The Travelogue will give you a detailed description in written and audio form on what has changed in the city with regard to rock and pop music in past decades.

So klingt das Ruhrge­biet

Sound of #urb­a­nana

Grugahalle Essen, © Rainer Schimm


The poly­centric heart of the sub­cul­tures beats in the Ruhr area. Syn­chron­ize your­self on the pop route through the Ruhr area.

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Hebo Minimarket Bochum, © Ruhr Tourismus GmbH Kreklau

Prox­im­ity Search

No mat­ter where you are in the Ruhr Area: Turn on the prox­im­ity search and dis­cov­er mu­sic spots around you on your own hook.

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2018 Landschaftspark DuisburgNord, © Ruhr Tourismus GmbH, Hoffmann


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