Red Deer Wild Forest Vosswinkel, © Karl-Heinz Volkmar

Wild­wald Voss­winkel

See loc­al wild an­im­als up close

For anyone wanting to explore the local wildlife, the Wildwald Vosswinkel between Arnsberg, Menden and Wickede is the place to go. Eagle owls, foxes, mouflons and wild boar and martins roam the forests here. Their huge enclosed habitat, which extends over 250 hectares, can be freely accessed nearly everywhere by visitors wanting to see local animals up close during feeding times. Discovery rallies give added motivation to younger visitors.

Every season has its own particular charm. In the spring, nature comes alive, while in the autumn, the stags' roaring can be heard through the forest during the rutting season. Guided tours with different themes are offered, such as to the red deer rutting grounds, where visitors can watch at close range as rivals battle each other or conduct their parallel dance in their hope of attracting a female.

Children’s birthday parties and teambuilding

For children's birthday parties, the Wildwald has plenty to offer all year round - not only with its adventure playground, cable cars, crocodile swing or sand diggers, but also with a range of different adventure programmes for children of all ages.

All kinds of groups - including adults - can balance their way through the team climbing garden or face various challenges on a circular route. This offer is particularly suitable for company days out with a focus on teambuilding.

Unusual accommodation options

A night in the Wildwald Vosswinkel promises to be a very special experience. After most visitors have long left the site and darkness descends over the forest, new life awakens - an unusual and exciting experience, especially for city dwellers! The forest has the just the right kind of accommodation to match. Visitors can choose between construction trailers, rustic wooden huts, raised hides or under the eves of a goat shed - naturally right up close to the animals living there.

Survival training

For visitors wanting something more, a wilderness camp or survival training might be what they’re looking for. From making fire to searching for food and cutting and quartering game to building a simple shelter for the night, visitors will learn everything they need to know to survive in the wild. Survival training courses to match are offered for adults and families. Only dogs are not permitted - as is the case throughout the Wildpark Vosswinkel.

  • Tree tent Vogelsiepen Wildwald Vosswinkel, © WILDWALD
    Bumblebee House in the Vosswinkel Wild Forest, © WILDWALD
    Rothirsch Brunftrudel im Wildwald Vosswinkel, © Karl-Heinz Volkmar
  • Schwarzwild Frischlinge im Wildwald Vosswinkel, © Karl-Heinz Volkmar