Bruchhauser stones sauerland, © Johannes Höhn

Won­ders of nature

Nat­ur­al scen­ic at­trac­tions and tran­quil woods

Nat­ur­ally spec­tac­u­lar

Caves, Ice Age an­im­als and rock form­a­tions with an ex­cit­ing past: nature in NRW has cre­ated true won­ders

Bruch­haus­er Steine na­tion­al nature monu­ment

Rare plant and an­im­al spe­cies, geo­lo­gic­al his­tory and ram­parts dat­ing from the Ice Age make these spe­cial cliffs near Ols­berg a na­tion­al nat­ur­al monu­ment in NRW.

Der Wiembecketeich und die Externsteine im Teutoburger Wald, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Ex­tern­steine Horn-Bad Mein­berg

The gi­ant Ex­tern­steine sand­stone pil­lars have been stand­ing in the Teuto­burg Forest since the Ice Age. See this amaz­ing nat­ur­al monu­ment for your­self!

Two aurochs and a calf graze on the meadow in the Neandertal Ice Age Game Reserve, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

The Neander Val­ley

A vis­it to the Neander Val­ley is a jour­ney in­to the early his­tory of man and the land­scape: Ice Age an­im­als and traces of the fam­ous Neander­th­al man await.

Der Höhlensee in der Dechenhöhle, © Dechenhöhle und Deutsches Höhlenmuseum Iserlohn

At­ta Cave and Dechen Cave

Im­merse your­self in a mys­ter­i­ous sub­ter­ranean world with stalac­tites and cave bears on tours of At­ta Cave and Dechen Cave in Sauer­land.

The Urftsee in the Eifel, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Eifel Na­tion­al Park

In North Rhine-West­phali­a's only na­tion­al park, nature is al­lowed to run un­checked and re­new it­self. And that's a good thing! Dis­cov­er the wild land­scape of the Eifel: Alone, with the fam­ily or ac­com­pan­ied by a ranger.

Wild horses Dülmen graze in the Mehrfelder Bruch nature reserve , © Leo Thomas

Wild NRW - our "Big Five"

Daytrips to flamin­gos, wild horses and tors North Rhine-West­phalia is not only not­ably green, but also very wild and col­our­ful. Who­ever is out and about to ex­plore nature, will come across some sur­prise.