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An Ode to the Büd­chen in #urb­a­nana

Here's to all the fab­ulous kiosks in #urb­a­nana that al­ways care for us!

Kiosks - Büd­chen - Trinkhal­len - no mat­ter what you want to call them, they are cult and we don't want to miss them!

Büd­chen, Trinkhalle, Späti - or simply ? Kiosk, there are many dif­fer­ent names for the little place we have all come to be grate­ful for at some point. As kids, we go there to get our mixed bags of candy and praised the one in our squad who could stand the most cen­ter shocks in his mouth without spit­ting them out. It is the place where we buy our magazines and news­pa­pers to stay up to date and where we wal­low in vice of to­bacco and get our well-de­served Weg­bi­er on our way home after a long day at work. We ex­change pack­ages as well as the latest gos­sip and how dis­ap­point­ing the last soc­cer match was, al­though we all agree that it was ob­vi­ously the ref­er­ee?s fault. We rush there on Sundays, in ur­gent need for milk be­cause the in-laws who are com­ing for a sur­prise vis­it in the af­ter­noon. It does not have to be a pretty place, just prac­tic­al and well-stocked. No mat­ter the reas­on we go there, we are so grate­ful to have them in time of need. And the best kiosk is, as is gen­er­ally known, the one that is closest to you in those times.

Here is a fun fact that you can show off with at your next so­cial gath­er­ing: The kiosks in the re­gion have their ori­gin in the second half of the 19th cen­tury in the wake of the in­dus­tri­al­iz­a­tion. Tab wa­ter used to be un­drink­able, which is why many work­men fre­quently drank beer or li­quor. Ini­tially, this was even sup­por­ted by the em­ploy­er in form of li­quor dona­tions. To re­strict the stead­ily grow­ing con­sump­tion of al­co­hol, re­fresh­ment halls were built. They were mostly loc­ated in front of col­lier­ies or factor­ies and op­er­ated by re­tired work­ers. In the be­gin­ning, they only served al­co­hol-free bever­ages. The as­sort­ment was ex­pan­ded a bit at a time by ci­gar­ettes, news­pa­pers and candy. The Trinkhal­len provided a meet­ing point to chat and ex­change after work. Today, they of­fer all the daily needs and are not bound to reg­u­lar open­ing hours, just like their com­pet­it­ors, the gas sta­tions.

Today, Kiosks are wide­spread in the Rhein-/Ruhrarea, as this re­gions are es­pe­cially char­ac­ter­ized by the in­dus­tri­al­iz­a­tion. People in these re­gions love their kiosks so much, that they ded­ic­ate en­tire days and events solely to the love of these won­der­ful places. The fol­low­ing list will show you which ones you must have seen and which events can­not be missed:


Once a year the Ruhr­pott (as the loc­als call the Ruhrarea) ded­ic­ates an en­tire day to their be­loved Trinkhal­len. On this day, the kiosks open their doors or win­dows and in­vite every­one to cel­eb­rate, mingle, chat, play and have fun. As the in­dus­tri­al strong­hold, the Ruhrarea is rife with many won­der­ful little kiosks that are only wait­ing to sat­is­fy your sweet tooth with a couple of Böm­skes (candy). On the oc­ca­sion of this event, a quar­tet of 52 pic­tures was es­pe­cially made to col­lect, play and ex­change. Mark your cal­enders for the Tag der Trinkhal­len 2019! www.tag­der­trinkhal­len.ruhr

Fietes Kut­ter Kiosk

This kiosk in Ber­gka­men is not of or­din­ary nature, it is, in fact, a cut­ter on ac­tu­al wa­ter (crazy, right?!). Be­side the reg­u­lar as­sort­ment, Fiete also of­fers Brat­wurst and meat­balls straight from the grill. On week­ends, his lovely wife Gi­sela even makes homemade Matjes rolls (salted her­ring), that can be de­voured co­zily in the skip­per hangout area. If you would like to be­come a sail­or your­self, feel free to rent one of Fiete's boats for ? 29,00 an hour, which can be nav­ig­ated on the Hamm-Dat­teln Kanal without the need of a li­cence. This place is not just a drive-by, come and spin a little sail­or's yarn with Cap­tain Fiete.

Hafen­weg 4
59192 Ber­gka­men
Do. - Mo.: 10:00 - 23:00 Uhr


Blaues Büd­chen

This blue little kiosk in Duis­burg is not only one of the old­est in the re­gion that is pro­tec­ted un­der pre­ser­va­tion or­der, it is also one of the pret­ti­est. They of­fer everything you need and even en­ter­tains the crowds with po­etry slams on the Tag der Trinkhal­len.

Amts­gericht­str. 38
47119 Duis­burg
Mo. - Sa. 5:45 - 21:00 Uhr


Der K(uh)iosk

This cute kiosk does not only have a ter­rif­ic name (~C(ow)iosk) but it also has a won­der­ful cow-spot pat­tern. That alone is worth check­ing it out.

Im Fuh­len­brock 175 a
46242 Bot­trop
Mo. - Fr.: 5:00 - 22:00 Uhr
Sa.: 7:00 ? 22:00 Uhr
So.: 8:00 ? 22:00 Uhr



Once a year Düs­sel­dorf hosts the eagerly awaited Düs­sel­dor­fer Büd­chentag. From theat­er per­form­ances, read­ings, art, po­etry slams, DJs, bands, bingo or simply some chat­ting, ming­ling and hav­ing a good time with like-minded, this day has a lot to of­fer, so come and let your­self be en­chanted by the Büd­chen-spell!


For­tu­na Büd­chen

Every die-hard Düs­sel­dor­fer has at least once in his life spent some time at the For­tu­na Büd­chen and ap­pre­ci­ates its value for the city. This Büd­chen is not simply a de­cler­a­tion of love for the Düs­sel­dor­fer soc­cer club For­tu­na with its red and white col­ors, it is also beau­ti­fully situ­ated right by the Rhine. In sum­mer, clusters of people gath­er there to still their thirst with a cold Alt­bi­er or to get pops­icles for the kids. After all, that's the best way to en­joy the view to the Rhine and the beau­ti­ful facades across in Ober­kas­sel. Walk­er, handy­men, fans, mod­els, tour­ists, top-level man­ager, every­one is treated equally at the For­tu­na Büd­chen (ex­cept per­haps the For­tu­na soc­cer play­ers).

Joseph-Beuys-Ufer 27
40479 Düs­sel­dorf
12:00 - 22:00 Uhr


What would Co­logne be without its Büd­chen? Where else would people get their well-de­served after work beer and chat with their neigh­bors in the Veedel (dis­trict)? To share this Büd­chen love with every­one, Co­logne has its own Kiosk Hop­ping tour which re­minds of a pub crawl event. This is a great way to meet new people, be out­doors, get a cold Kölsch and have a fun night with like-minded. The routes you take are preselec­ted and al­tern­ate in dif­fer­ent Veedels with every Hop­ping.


Köski Roy­al

The Köski Roy­al is by far the pret­ti­est Büd­chen that made the list. The kiosk's style and name was in­spired by a "Kö?k", a turk­ish garden pa­vil­ion that is usu­ally found in palace com­pounds. Upon en­ter­ing the little Büd­chen you get a glimpse of what those pa­vil­ions must be like. It is lov­ingly fur­nished and styled with benches and pil­lows, that in­vite to chat and linger. The Köski Roy­al does not of­fer the reg­u­lar as­sort­ment. Be­side the freshly made cof­fee spe­cial­ties from a porta­fil­ter ma­chine and del­ic­acies for the sweet tooth like fudge and Itali­an Tartufini, they even sell bags, wax­tow­els, honey, mir­rors and many oth­er nice little things ready to be ex­plored. The beer they sell is their own brand and the cof­fee beans come from their very own roast­ing house Tim&Se­basti­an's. It is def­in­itely worth a vis­it!

Kitschbur­ger­strasse 247
50933 Köln
8:30 - 18:00 Uhr


La Ola Büd­chen

Just like the oth­er kiosks in this lists, the La Ola Büd­chen is not of the or­din­ary kind. It is a form of hy­brid of kiosk - with the tra­di­tion­al win­dow - and party­loca­tion. Be­side its own events, the La Ola can be ren­ted for private parties as well.

Moz­artstr. 49
50674 Köln
17:00 - 2:00 Uhr

Das Jazz Kiosk

This Büd­chen wall­papered its walls with fam­ous Jazz le­gends which can be heard in­side as well. Oc­ca­sion­ally, this place trans­forms in­to a mu­sic ven­ue with live mu­sic of the kind the kiosk owes its name to.

50670 Köln
7:00 - 0:00 Uhr

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Köski Royal Cologne, © Sabrina Schmidt
Jazz Kiosk Cologne, © Sabrina Schmidt
Köski Royal Süßes, © Sabrina Schmidt
Kaffee im Köski Royal, © Sabrina Schmidt
Sitzecke Köski Royal, © Sabrina Schmidt
Fiete's Kutter Kiosk, © Fiete's Kutter Kiosk
set tables at Fiete's, © Reinaldo Coddou
K(uh)iosk Bottrop, © Reinaldo Coddou
Blaues Büdchen Duisburg, © Reinaldo Coddou
Pausenbrot Düsseldorf, © Damian Rosellen
Trinkhalle Bachstraße Düsseldorf, © Damian Rosellen
Büdchen am Zoo Düsseldorf, © Damian Rosellen

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