Köski Royal Cologne, © Sabrina Schmidt

An Ode to the Büd­chen in #urb­a­nana

Here's to all the fab­ulous kiosks in #urb­a­nana that al­ways care for us!

Kiosks - Büd­chen - Trinkhal­len - no mat­ter what you want to call them, they are cult and we don't want to miss them!

Büdchen, Trinkhalle, Späti - or simply – Kiosk, there are many different names for the little place we have all come to be grateful for at some point. As kids, we go there to get our mixed bags of candy and praised the one in our squad who could stand the most center shocks in his mouth without spitting them out. It is the place where we buy our magazines and newspapers to stay up to date and where we wallow in vice of tobacco and get our well-deserved Wegbier on our way home after a long day at work. We exchange packages as well as the latest gossip and how disappointing the last soccer match was, although we all agree that it was obviously the referee’s fault. We rush there on Sundays, in urgent need for milk because the in-laws who are coming for a surprise visit in the afternoon. It does not have to be a pretty place, just practical and well-stocked. No matter the reason we go there, we are so grateful to have them in time of need. And the best kiosk is, as is generally known, the one that is closest to you in those times.

Here is a fun fact that you can show off with at your next social gathering: The kiosks in the region have their origin in the second half of the 19th century in the wake of the industrialization. Tab water used to be undrinkable, which is why many workmen frequently drank beer or liquor. Initially, this was even supported by the employer in form of liquor donations. To restrict the steadily growing consumption of alcohol, refreshment halls were built. They were mostly located in front of collieries or factories and operated by retired workers. In the beginning, they only served alcohol-free beverages. The assortment was expanded a bit at a time by cigarettes, newspapers and candy. The Trinkhallen provided a meeting point to chat and exchange after work. Today, they offer all the daily needs and are not bound to regular opening hours, just like their competitors, the gas stations.

Today, Kiosks are widespread in the Rhein-/Ruhrarea, as this regions are especially characterized by the industrialization. People in these regions love their kiosks so much, that they dedicate entire days and events solely to the love of these wonderful places. The following list will show you which ones you must have seen and which events cannot be missed:


Once a year the Ruhrpott (as the locals call the Ruhrarea) dedicates an entire day to their beloved Trinkhallen. On this day, the kiosks open their doors or windows and invite everyone to celebrate, mingle, chat, play and have fun. As the industrial stronghold, the Ruhrarea is rife with many wonderful little kiosks that are only waiting to satisfy your sweet tooth with a couple of Bömskes (candy). On the occasion of this event, a quartet of 52 pictures was especially made to collect, play and exchange.

Fietes Kutter Kiosk

This kiosk in Bergkamen is not of ordinary nature, it is, in fact, a cutter on actual water (crazy, right?!). Beside the regular assortment, Fiete also offers Bratwurst and meatballs straight from the grill. On weekends, his lovely wife Gisela even makes homemade Matjes rolls (salted herring), that can be devoured cozily in the skipper hangout area. If you would like to become a sailor yourself, feel free to rent one of Fiete's boats for € 29,00 an hour, which can be navigated on the Hamm-Datteln Kanal without the need of a licence. This place is not just a drive-by, come and spin a little sailor's yarn with Captain Fiete.www.facebook.com/Fieteskutterkiosk

Blaues Büdchen

This blue little kiosk in Duisburg is not only one of the oldest in the region that is protected under preservation order, it is also one of the prettiest. They offer everything you need and even entertains the crowds with poetry slams on the Tag der Trinkhallen.

Der K(uh)iosk

This cute kiosk does not only have a terrific name (~C(ow)iosk) but it also has a wonderful cow-spot pattern. That alone is worth checking it out.


Once a year Düsseldorf hosts the eagerly awaited Düsseldorfer Büdchentag. From theater performances, readings, art, poetry slams, DJs, bands, bingo or simply some chatting, mingling and having a good time with like-minded, this day has a lot to offer, so come and let yourself be enchanted by the Büdchen-spell!

Fortuna Büdchen

Every die-hard Düsseldorfer has at least once in his life spent some time at the Fortuna Büdchen and appreciates its value for the city. This Büdchen is not simply a decleration of love for the Düsseldorfer soccer club Fortuna with its red and white colors, it is also beautifully situated right by the Rhine. In summer, clusters of people gather there to still their thirst with a cold Altbier or to get popsicles for the kids. After all, that's the best way to enjoy the view to the Rhine and the beautiful facades across in Oberkassel. Walker, handymen, fans, models, tourists, top-level manager, everyone is treated equally at the Fortuna Büdchen (except perhaps the Fortuna soccer players).


What would Cologne be without its Büdchen? Where else would people get their well-deserved after work beer and chat with their neighbors in the Veedel (district)? To share this Büdchen love with everyone, Cologne has its own Kiosk Hopping tour which reminds of a pub crawl event. This is a great way to meet new people, be outdoors, get a cold Kölsch and have a fun night with like-minded. The routes you take are preselected and alternate in different Veedels with every Hopping.

Köski Royal

The Köski Royal is by far the prettiest Büdchen that made the list. The kiosk's style and name was inspired by a "Köşk", a turkish garden pavilion that is usually found in palace compounds. Upon entering the little Büdchen you get a glimpse of what those pavilions must be like. It is lovingly furnished and styled with benches and pillows, that invite to chat and linger. The Köski Royal does not offer the regular assortment. Beside the freshly made coffee specialties from a portafilter machine and delicacies for the sweet tooth like fudge and Italian Tartufini, they even sell bags, waxtowels, honey, mirrors and many other nice little things ready to be explored. The beer they sell is their own brand and the coffee beans come from their very own roasting house Tim&Sebastian's. It is definitely worth a visit!

La Ola Büdchen

Just like the other kiosks in this lists, the La Ola Büdchen is not of the ordinary kind. It is a form of hybrid of kiosk - with the traditional window - and partylocation. Beside its own events, the La Ola can be rented for private parties as well.

Das Jazz Kiosk

This Büdchen wallpapered its walls with famous Jazz legends which can be heard inside as well. Occasionally, this place transforms into a music venue with live music of the kind the kiosk owes its name to.