Enjoying the countryside in Münsterland, © Oliver Franke, Tourismus NRW e.V.

Bar­ri­er-free ex­per­i­ences in the Mün­ster­land

By bi­cycle or on horse­back through the re­gion

Mün­ster­land of­fers act­ive hol­i­day­makers and those in­ter­ested in cit­ies and cul­ture a large se­lec­tion of hol­i­day ideas and ex­cur­sions.

Colourful fields and blooming meadows as far as the eye can see, here and there a gentle hill – Münsterland offers nature experiences for all. Active holidaymakers in particular really get their money’s worth here. There are some real treasures to be found in the heart of this magnificent landscape: More than 100 palaces, castles and manors as well as quaint towns and villages, and above all Münster. The 1,200 year old metropolis shows just how young old can be with urban flair and a multitude of leisure and shopping offerings.

Riding for all

Münsterland is NRW’s equestrian region. Exploring the region on horseback is also a wonderful option. There are many advantages for riders: Ramps, safety gates at crossings, riding and rest stations as well as extra wide access routes make it possible to ride with a second horse and to lead horses, and ensure that a riding excursion along the 22 kilometre bridle path in the district of Steinfurt is a relaxing experience.

Anyone who would prefer to explore the region out of the saddle can explore Münsterland’s natural landscape on various 20-50 kilometre long tours in the district of Borken. The trails are also suitable for rollfiets, tricycles and hand bikes.

Experience Münster

The city of Münster is enchanting with its many green areas, Aasee lake and especially its historical old town with its cathedral and the Prinzipalmarkt. Cobblestones and picturesque timber-framed buildings define the cityscape. Every evening except Tuesdays, visitors can hear something quite special: From the church tower of St. Lamberti, the only city Türmerin (tower trumpeter) blows her horn at 8:30 pm on the dot.

And it’s not just visitors who are impressed by the city; the inhabitants feel very contented here too: In 2004, Münster was awarded the title of “Most liveable city in the world”. This may be down to the fact that there are twice as many bicycles as inhabitants in Münster.

Are you interested in a holiday in Münsterland? The following offerings are certified by “Reisen für Alle” (Travel for All).

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A typical Baunerhof in Münsterland, © Oliver Franke, Tourismus NRW e.V.
Green gate of a farm in Münsterland, © Oliver Franke, Tourismus NRW e.V.
Shoppen am Prinzipalmarkt, © Münster Marketing / Air-klick
Sonnenaufgang in Münster, © Dietmar Wirlitsch
St. Lambertikirche in Münster, © Oliver Franke, Tourismus NRW e.V.
Gastronomie am Prinzipalmarkt - Münster, © Ralf Emmerich / Münster Marketing
Blick auf das beleuchtet Schloss Münster, © Münster Marketing