Odysseum Themenwelt, © Odysseum Köln

Co­logne for fam­il­ies

An­im­als, ro­bots and chocol­ate

Co­logne: the per­fect des­tin­a­tion for every­one. A wide range of op­tions is also avail­able for young fam­il­ies.

Co­logne has much to of­fer in terms of fam­ily at­trac­tions, in­clud­ing its zoo. Not only is it the old­est zoo in North Rhine-West­phalia, but with more than 10,000 an­im­als it is also one of the largest zoos in Ger­many.

On the oc­ca­sion of the zoo?s 150th birth­day in 2010, it un­veiled the Hip­po­drome - prob­ably one of the most unique designs in Europe: a walk-through rep­lica of an Afric­an river land­scape al­lows vis­it­ors to ob­serve the an­im­als from a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent vant­age points, from both above and un­der wa­ter. The ele­phant park also has something spe­cial to of­fer. Meas­ur­ing two hec­tares, it is the largest of its kind north of the Alps, ac­cord­ing to the zoo. The zoo reg­u­larly of­fers spe­cial night-time ex­per­i­ences: on sev­er­al days each year chil­dren (and adults) can camp out in the zoo for the night in a tent.


The Co­logne Odys­seum is an­oth­er op­tion for fam­il­ies seek­ing ad­ven­ture. Wheth­er you?re after an ex­ped­i­tion through the jungle, a game of bas­ket­ball against ro­bots or jour­neys at the speed of light ? everything is pos­sible in this sci­ence-themed ad­ven­ture park. As­pir­ing as­tro­nauts who feel the call of the stars can be tested to see if they are suited to go­ing in­to space. The park fea­tures an out­door ad­ven­ture area spe­cially de­signed for chil­dren where they can shoot their own films or ex­plore how canal locks work. In ad­di­tion, a high rope course of­fers an ideal ad­ven­ture for young climbers. The per­man­ent ex­hib­i­tion is di­vided in­to sev­er­al themed worlds. The mouse from Ger­man chil­dren?s tele­vi­sion car­toon Die Sendung mit der Maus is also there to greet vis­it­ors.


The Chocol­ate Mu­seum  is yet an­oth­er per­fect des­tin­a­tion for young fam­il­ies. Vis­it­ors here can em­bark on a jour­ney through 3,000 years of chocol­ate?s cul­tur­al his­tory, from the Aztec ?am­bro­sia? to the mod­ern in­dus­tri­al product. Ex­hib­i­tion high­lights in­clude the trop­ic­al green­house, where guests can ex­per­i­ence the co­coa tree it its trop­ic­al cli­mate, a trans­par­ent chocol­ate pro­duc­tion fact­ory, which shows how small chocol­ate bars, hol­low fig­ur­ines and pralines are made, and a large chocol­ate foun­tain to taste from. The Schokoladen­mu­seum (Chocol­ate Mu­seum) sits like a fu­tur­ist­ic glass and alu­mini­um boat anchored in the Rhein­auhafen har­bour near Co­logne Cathed­ral.


More in­form­a­tion:

open daily through­out the year
March to Oc­to­ber: 09:00 ? 18:00
Novem­ber to Feb­ru­ary: 09:00 ? 17:00

Monday to Thursday: 09:00 ? 18:00
Fri­day to Sunday and dur­ing NRW school hol­i­days: 09:00 ? 20:00

Schokoladen­mu­seum (Chocol­ate Mu­seum):
Tues­day to Fri­day: 10:00 ? 18:00
Week­ends and pub­lic hol­i­days: 11:00 ? 19:00

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Rheinpanorama, © Dieter Jacobi / KölnTourismus GmbH
Besuch im Schokoladenmuseum, © Schokoladenmuseum
Odysseum Themenwelt, © Odysseum Köln
Unterwegs im Elefantenpark, © Kölner Zoo

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