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Düs­sel­dorf for fam­il­ies

Urb­an ex­plor­a­tion rally for kids, a trip to the fair and the "Rad­schläger­turni­er"

Look­ing for things to do with chil­dren in the art and fash­ion met­ro­pol­is? Of course! The urb­an ex­plor­a­tion rally, vis­its to fairs or the Ma­ri­on­ette Theatre of­fer loads of fun to even the young­est vis­it­ors to the city.

Looking for things to do with children in the art and fashion metropolis of Düsseldorf? Then you’ve come to the right place – along with shopping along the Königsallee and museum visits to theKunstsammlung NRW, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia has plenty on offer for kids to explore and enjoy.

The Stadt-Rallye, an urban exploration rally specially designed for children, turns an otherwise lacklustre city tour into a big-city adventure for younger visitors to enjoy. The two-hour tour takes you past interesting buildings, monuments, fountains and places of interest. Young explorers should pay attention to the questions posed on the tour, which are key to figuring out the puzzle at the end and claiming the prize. The answers can be found along the way. A colour-coded description on the city map shows the route. The Hafen-Rallye (Harbour Rally) follows the same principle and leads through the Medienhafen with its famous Gehry buildings and the Rheinturm. Both tours are suitable for children between eight and twelve years old. The information for both rallies is available both online and at tourist information centres.

Düsseldorf Kirmes and "Radschlägerturnier"

Candyfloss, a Ferris wheel and colourful lights galore: what could be better than a trip to the fair with the whole family? Düsseldorf offers the opportunity for such a trip twice each year. The Düsseldorfer Kirmes is the largest fair on the Rhine and takes place each July.

Young athletes can compete with each other at the Radschlägerturnier (Cartwheel Tournament), which is held by the Alde Düsseldorfer Bürgergesellschaft every year. The traditional tournament for children up to 13 years has been held since the 1930s and dates back to Düsseldorf’s victory over the Archbishop of Cologne at the Battle of Worringen more than 800 years ago. History has it that the town’s children turned cartwheels out of sheer joy at this victory – and still do so today. Depending on age, children competing have to cover a distance of 15 to 20 metres as quickly as possible and with the best possible technique by turning successive cartwheels. Registration to participate in the competition is only possible through schools, but visitors are always welcome.

Children's first cultural experiences

The Düsseldorf Marionette Theatre in the magnificent Palais Wittgenstein in Düsseldorf-Carlstadt offers youngsters an early taste of the theatre. Here the carved wooden puppet ensemble performs such classics as Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver, as well as more challenging plays like Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. As such, many plays are particularly suited to older children aged eight years and up.

The Aquazoo/Löbbecke Museum offers families a child-friendly museum that focuses on nature and animals. Dull theory is not the name of the game here; instead, younger visitors can experience some 500 different species of animals first-hand and learn a great deal about evolution, animal specials and natural habitats along the way.

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Rally für Kinder, © Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH / Markus Röhrich
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