Around 45,000 visitors come to the flax market in Krefeld every year, © Arbeitsgemeinschaft Flachsmarkt gemeinnütziger Verein e.V.

Flax Mar­ket at Linn Castle

Ex­per­i­ence his­tor­ic­al crafts­man­ship up close

Tra­di­tion­al trades such as soap boil­er, rope­maker, or cal­li­graph­er are pop­u­lar at the Linn Flax Mar­ket. Vis­it­ors may watch the pros at work as they cre­ate artist­ic ob­jects such as or­nate pot­tery, me­lodi­ous in­stru­ments, and beau­ti­ful tex­tile work. Knights’ tour­na­ments and aer­i­al shows provide an ex­uber­ant at­mo­sphere away from the stalls.

The Flax Market around Linn Castle, where more than 300 exhibitors from across Germany and surrounding countries will be demonstrating how they produce clothing, cultural and utilitarian objects the traditional way here at Pentecost, draws fans of the Middle Ages, artisans, and enthusiasts for historical professions.

Hammer blows reverberate across the square outside the hunting lodge as the blacksmith works his next piece of metal on the anvil. Nearby, the glassblower is slowly shaping a vase from a blank, before decorating it with fine ornaments. The instrument maker makes a musician’s heart’s desire come true in the English Garden by producing a custom guitar, while the furrier shows how to prepare furs and leather for further processing on the green between the castle and the forest’s edge.

The market is bustling with activity: Onlookers ask the craftspeople about the specifics of their individual work steps at the stands. The flax spinners, clay builders, soap boilers, ropemakers, and calligraphers are all masters of their trades who will answer any questions enthusiastically. Anyone who wants to can try out one of the professions, too. Of course, the professionals will always guide them through it.

An event with 700 years of tradition

Apart from the stalls, highlights in the event programme include knights’ games as well as tournaments and aerial shows: Jealous noblemen may duel for a maiden’s favour with lance, sword, and shield; falcons may soar above the rows of spectators. Bards play their flutes and lutes on the stages and paths, while jugglers and fire acrobats make torches fly through the air to the music here and there.

About 45,000 visitors are drawn to the event in the Krefeld district of Linn every year. The market follows a tradition of more than 700 years, finally revived after a 71-year break in 1974: Once a place of trading flax and everyday objects after Linn had received town rights, it later became a fair with many attractions, and eventually a craftsmen’s market in its present form.

Date: 18 to 20 May 2024

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There is a lot of activity everywhere in the market, © Dirk Jochmann
Impressive exhibition fights are part of the extensive program of events, © Dirk Jochmann
At the blacksmith's, children can hit the iron themselves, © Dirk Jochmann
Several falconers entertain the guests with air shows, © Dirk Jochmann
Dragon riders are also among the performers who roam the grounds, © Dirk Jochmann

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