Haus Ripshorst im Emscher Landschaftsparkt, © RVR Stefan Schejok Presse

Haus Rip­shorst in Ober­hausen

The wood­land garden leads “from the primev­al forest to the cul­tur­al forest”

Dis­cov­er the nature of the Ruhr Area! Leav­ing the his­tor­ic man­or house of Haus Rip­shorst you will enter the Em­scher Land­scape Park and tread the “From the primev­al forest to the cul­tur­al forest” path.

The his­tor­ic Haus Rip­shorst es­tate in Ober­hausen was built at the be­gin­ning of the 14th cen­tury and was used as a knight?s man­or for many years. Today, Haus Rip­shorst is the only such man­or re­main­ing in Es­sen. Haus Rip­shorst now serves as an in­form­a­tion centre for places like the Em­scher Land­scape Park and is loc­ated dir­ectly with­in the north­ern Ruhr Area?s re­gion­al park.

The Ruhr Area in green: the Em­scher Land­scape Park

The Em­scher Land­scape Park unites 20 towns and 2 dis­tricts in the north­ern Ruhr Area span­ning 450 km2 and has nearly 180 com­pleted and 250 on­go­ing pro­jects. The fo­cus of the Em­scher Land­scape Park was ini­tially the con­ver­sion of the Em­scher sys­tem, which cre­ated a new green centre in the north­ern Ruhr Area. Pre-in­dus­tri­al land­scapes and re­gion­al green cor­ridors are just as much a part of the new Em­scher Park land­scape as the in­dus­tri­al and post-in­dus­tri­al ones. Parks and re­cre­ation­al fa­cil­it­ies loc­ated in former in­dus­tri­al areas, heaps and land­marks are of course in­cluded in the land­scapes of today?s Ruhr Area. Out­stand­ing in­di­vidu­al pro­jects in­clude Land­scape Park Duis­burg Nord, the Ober­hausen Gas­o­met­er, the Hansa Cok­ing Plant in Dortmund and the Schiff­shebew­erk Hen­richen­burg, a boat lift.

Any­one hop­ing to learn more about the Em­scher Land­scape Park has come to the right place in vis­it­ing Haus Rip­shorst in Ober­hausen. The in­form­a­tion centre for vis­it­ors in­ter­ested in in­form­a­tion about the re­gion between Duis­burg and Hamm is loc­ated here. In­ter­ested vis­it­ors can get ex­tens­ive maps and in­form­a­tion and can rent bi­cycles (?Re­vi­er Räder?) from the Em­scher Land­scape Park. Vis­it­ors to Haus Rip­shorst find them­selves dir­ectly in part of the Em­scher Land­scape Park as soon as they step out of its doors. The area sur­round­ing the build­ing forms the 45-hec­tare re­sid­ual ag­ri­cul­tur­al area that was ori­gin­ally in­ten­ded to serve as a sta­ging area for the in­dus­tri­al ex­pan­sion of the Ober­hausen steel mills, and now serves as a park that plays a very spe­cif­ic role in the Em­scher Land­scape Park.

"From the primev­al forest to the cul­tur­al forest? in the wood­land garden

In the im­me­di­ate vi­cin­ity of Neue Mitte, the new centre of Ober­hausen, south of the Rhine-Herne Canal, a wood­land garden de­signed by land­scape ar­chi­tects Irene Lo­haus and Mar­tin Diek­mann has been erec­ted. It is in­ten­ded to be any­thing but a land­scaped park; in­stead it serves to pre­serve the char­ac­ter of the pre-in­dus­tri­al land­scape. In do­ing so, ar­able land with bar­ley, oats or rye has been trans­formed in­to a huge pas­ture, per­fect for re­lax­ing, for kids to play on, for leis­urely strolls or for sport. A 60-metre wide and around two-kilo­metre long belt of wood­land also runs gently along­side the urb­an rib­bon of land down Rip­shor­ster Straße and Sühl­straße. This stretch com­mu­nic­ates the theme to vis­it­ors and gives them an op­por­tun­ity to con­sider the trees, their shapes, col­ours and fruits, their ori­gins and their rel­ev­ance to hu­man­kind. Along the wood­land garden?s main path, walk­ers can em­bark upon a botan­ic­al jour­ney through the ages of the earth?s his­tory along the theme of ?From the primev­al forest to the cul­tur­al forest?: from the pre­his­tor­ic Ter­tiary peri­od, to re­for­est­a­tion after the last ice age, to tree cul­ture and cul­tiv­a­tion by hu­mans. Haus Rip­shorst also of­fers reg­u­lar tours and events on nature and en­vir­on­ment­al is­sues.

Things to do in and around Haus Rip­shorst: Rip­shorst Bridge and gour­met mar­ket

Haus Rip­shorst with its shrub and tree garden is linked with the Em­scher­park cycle path by an im­press­ive bridge over the Rhine-Herne Canal. From here, cyc­lists and walk­ers can en­joy views over the wood­land garden and canal land­scape. Today the Rip­shor­st­brücke (Rip­shorst Bridge) is a well-known land­mark in the Em­scher Land­scape Park.

Since be­ing named Ruhr Cap­it­al of Cul­ture in 2010, Haus Rip­shorst reg­u­larly holds the ?Unter freiem Him­mel? open-air ad­ven­ture pro­gramme, gen­er­ally from May to Oc­to­ber. This pro­gramme boasts a col­our­ful range of events at dif­fer­ent loc­a­tions around the Em­scher Land­scape Park. Since 2014, this has in­cluded the gour­met mar­ket at Haus Rip­shorst, where vis­it­ors can shop and sa­vour new tastes in a cas­u­al pic­nic at­mo­sphere that en­tices with the best culin­ary de­lights the Ruhr met­ro­pol­is has to of­fer.


Open­ing hours:
Daily ex­cept Mondays
March - Oc­to­ber: 10 am - 6 pm
Novem­ber to Feb­ru­ary: 10 am - 5 pm

Date & fur­ther in­form­a­tion:
- Vari­ous ex­plor­a­tion ad­ven­tures at Em­scher Land­scape Park as part of the ?Unter freiem Him­mel? open-air pro­gramme from May to Oc­to­ber
- Gour­met mar­ket every au­tumn


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