Alter Flecken in Freudenberg, © Stadt Freudenberg
Markus Podzimek, © dasnaschwerk., Markus Podzimek

Markus Podz­i­mek

Your Am­bas­sad­or of Good Taste for the Sieger­land-Wit­tgen­stein re­gion

After fin­ish­ing school, Markus Podz­i­mek de­cided to fol­low a long-stand­ing fam­ily tra­di­tion of train­ing as a pastry chef and learned his trade in Switzer­land, France and Ger­many – now he is a mas­ter in the art of pastries.

Markus Podzimek, owner and pastry chef at das.naschwerk in Siegen, on good taste:

"Eating must be a fun experience and is worth travelling for."

After finishing school, Markus Podzimek decided to follow a long-standing family tradition of training as a pastry chef and learned his trade in Switzerland, France and Germany – now he is a master in the art of pastries. He made an international name for himself as a patissier when he won first prize at the International Patisserie Oskar in Vienna in 2005. In the same year he also qualified for the World Chocolate Masters, a world championships of chocolatiers. Since 2006, Podzimek has been presenting traditional and modern confectionery pastry creations and light Mediterranean fare in an international coffee house atmosphere at das.naschwerk in Siegen. His creativity lent itself to him becoming Ambassador of Good Taste for the Siegerland-Wittgenstein region in 2013.

Culinary enjoyment in NRW?
7 questions for... Markus Podzimek

Why are you the Ambassador of Good Taste for the Siegerland-Wittgenstein region?
As a native Siegerländer and confectioner, I want to present the beautiful and delicious sides of Siegerland to a broad public. We’ve made a good start through our own culinary ambassadors, Rubenskugel and Rubenstorte, which we have been shipping across the globe for some ten years now.

Your opinion: why can North Rhine-Westphalia be described as an epicurean region?
Because every day in NRW we have access to a great selection of fresh ingredients from the state’s different regions and the opportunity for refinement thanks to a number of young, experienced and creative people who know how to use these quality ingredients.

What trait distinguishes an epicurean?
It's very simple: epicureans have fun enjoying life to the fullest. They enjoy culture, good food and nature.

You perform at your very best every day. What do you consider the perfect culinary start to the day?
A delicious cappuccino and a croissant with Chocolatino EXTRA Haselnuss, my home-made chocolate spread.

Your products and dishes inspire your guests and colleagues. Which producers in your region inspire you?
I’m inspired by a great many things every day. I try not to be inspired by manufacturers of individual products.

Do you have any personal recommendations for visitors to the epicurean region of NRW?
I think there’s lots to discover in NRW and its many regions. I think visitors should just enjoy the region they find themselves in at any given time and keep an open mind to the culinary and scenic highlights this region has to offer. One of Siegerland Wittgenstein’s highlights is of course the Rothaarsteig with some of our Rubenskugel for the journey.

Last but not least: what is your motto for personal enjoyment?
Having fun while eating makes it a pleasurable experience!