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Culin­ary de­lights in NRW

Only the best

There are stars twink­ling over NRW. With 47 out­stand­ing top res­taur­ants alone, in­clud­ing the Vendôme at Schloss Bens­berg, which is even one of the 'World’s 50 Best Res­taur­ants’, NRW is an ex­cel­lent place to be for epi­cur­eans.

The cuisine in NRW is as var­ied and chan­ging as the people who live here. Wheth­er it's a ?curry­wurst? saus­age or carpac­cio, a stew or breast of duck, the top res­taur­ants and culin­ary am­bas­sad­ors in NRW place par­tic­u­lar value on fresh, high-qual­ity products from the loc­al re­gion, which they use to pro­duce new, mod­ern cre­ations with love and pas­sion. Their motto is: glob­al cuisine, fully re­gion­al.

Haus Stem­berg in Vel­bert

In the fam­ily-run ?Hause Stem­berg? res­taur­ant in Vel­bert, the tra­di­tion­al Rhen­ish dish ?Him­mel un Äd?, or ?Heav­en and Earth?, is on the menu. So does this mean mashed pota­toes with apple sauce and blood saus­age? ?Yes, in prin­ciple? ex­plains Sascha Stem­berg with a grin, ?but of course, we?ve re­fined it a bit.? The chef, who in 2017 was presen­ted with the Gault&Mil­lau new­comer of the year award, likes to be in­spired by the tra­di­tion­al dishes of his home re­gion. The pop­u­lar name for the res­taur­ant in the Ber­gisches Land re­gion is ?Two cuisines from one stove?. Sascha Stem­berg, who is the fifth gen­er­a­tion in the fam­ily to run the res­taur­ant, feels just as bound to hon­our the tra­di­tion of his fore­fath­ers as he does to of­fer mod­ern, cos­mo­pol­it­an cuisine. www.haus-stem­berg.de 

In­cid­ent­ally, when it comes to home re­gions, the best chefs in NRW - like Sascha Stem­berg - are of­ten to be found at the stove away from the ma­jor cit­ies. Joachim Wissler, for ex­ample, the only chef in NRW who has been awar­ded three stars, at­tracts gour­mets from all over NRW to the small town of Ber­gisch-Glad­bach, between Co­logne and Leverkusen. At Schloss Bens­berg, a former hunt­ing lodge built in the 18th cen­tury, he con­jures up re­fined vari­ations of clas­sic French cuisine. Ima­gin­at­ive and no frills.

Al­ways the best, and wherever pos­sible from the loc­al re­gion

Ul­rich Held­mann has a very straight­for­ward concept for the cuisine in his Res­taur­ant Con­cor­dia in Rem­scheid: al­ways the best, and wherever pos­sible from the loc­al re­gion. For his fresh, aroma-rich dishes, he gath­ers wild herbs in the Ber­gisches Land re­gion, wanders through loc­al mar­kets and is al­ways search­ing for high-qual­ity, re­gion­al products to use in his per­fectly com­posed dishes. For him, a vis­it to a res­taur­ant is like a vis­it to a theatre: you enter and en­joy the ex­per­i­ence with all your senses. www.held­manns-res­taur­ant.de

Urb­an flair in a mod­ern en­vir­on­ment in Düs­sel­dorf

Mean­while, guests at Ber­ens am Kai in the Düs­sel­dorf Medi­en­hafen me­dia port dis­trict en­joy urb­an flair in a mod­ern en­vir­on­ment. When the Mich­elin-starred chef Hol­ger Ber­ens opened his res­taur­ant, ?there was not much more here than cranes and trendy gal­ler­ies?. Today, the Medi­en­hafen is a chic, in­ter­na­tion­al, cre­at­ive dis­trict, char­ac­ter­ised by its old build­ings and mod­ern ar­chi­tec­ture, in­clud­ing struc­tures by Frank O. Gehry and Dav­id Chip­per­field. At Ber­ens am Kai, the fash­ion­able guests meet for a small snack dur­ing their lunch break, or for an ex­pans­ive gour­met menu in the even­ing, with lob­ster rag­out, steamed tur­bot or re­gion­al Hun­srück ven­ison. And nat­ur­ally, there?s also a good glass of wine to go with the meal, se­lec­ted from no few­er than 600 op­tions. www.ber­ensamkai.de

Schloss Hugen­poet in Es­sen

The 5-star su­per­i­or Schlosshotel is cent­rally loc­ated in the Ruhr re­gion, but in green sur­round­ings. As well as 36 in­di­vidu­ally fur­nished rooms and suites, this 17th cen­tury wa­ter palace has two res­taur­ants and plenty to en­joy. The LAUR­USH­AUS gour­met res­taur­ant, which was not opened in the Schlosshotel un­til 2016, is one of the most re­cent Mich­elin-starred res­taur­ants in NRW. Here, as well as in the HUGEN­pöttchen res­taur­ant, chef Erika Bergheim has main­tained the high culin­ary repu­ta­tion of the Hugen­poet for the last 20 years. www.hugen­poet.de

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Himmel & Äd, © Tourismus NRW e.V. / Miss Gliss
Sascha Stemberg in der Küche, © augenstoff by Marcus Scheuermann
Innenansicht Haus Stemberg, © Ralf Schultheiss
Genuss-Botschafter Erika Bergheim
Zu Gast im Restaurant Berens am Kai Düsseldorf, © Dominik Ketz, Tourismus NRW e.V.

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