Sauerland Hemer Rock Sea, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Nature re­serves in North Rhine-West­phalia

Nat­ur­ally wild

In NRW, an­cient wood­land is mak­ing a comeback, rivers are again shap­ing their own nat­ur­al courses, and rare an­im­als like the European bison and the wild­cat are re­turn­ing to their former hab­it­ats. Vis­it­ors usu­ally do not need to travel too far to find them­selves in the middle of the wil­der­ness. North Rhine-West­phalia’s nature re­serves provide a re­lax­ing, verd­ant con­trast to the non-stop ac­tion of city life. A total of 12 nature parks and the state’s only na­tion­al park provide a vari­ety of land­scapes to en­joy nature at its un­spoilt best.

Nature parks in NRW

In the 12 nature parks in NRW, the beauty of nature can be ex­plored right up close. Many un­usu­al and threatened an­im­als and plants have settled here.

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Eifel Na­tion­al Park

Wild cats, black storks and a sea of wild daf­fodils – North Rhine-West­phalia’s only na­tion­al park is a para­dise for nature lov­ers.

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Schwalm-Nette Nature Park

Schwalm-Nette Nature Park provides im­port­ant hab­it­ats for plants and an­im­als, as well as a pop­u­lar re­cre­ation area for vis­it­ors to the Lower Rhine.

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The wild Siebenge­birge

Of­fer­ing mag­ni­fi­cent views of the Rhine, the Siebenge­birge moun­tains tower above the river in a cap­tiv­at­ing nat­ur­al land­scape of stone and forest.

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Großes Tor­f­moor

Enter the bog – the do­main of the flesh-eat­ing plants! The peat bog in the Teuto­burg Forest provides some unique ex­per­i­ences. Get close to this nat­ur­al hab­it­at with a guided tour.

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Hohe Mark Nature Park

Wild horses, blaz­ing heath, a zoo and much more: The Hohe Mark Nature Park of­fers ex­cit­ing activ­it­ies for kids and adults.

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