Monschau, © Oliver Franke, Tourismus NRW e.V.
Ruth Breuer, © Dominik Ketz, Tourismus NRW e.V.

Ruth Breuer

Your Am­bas­sad­or of Good Taste for the Eifel & Aachen re­gion

Ruth Breuer rep­res­ents the fifth gen­er­a­tion in her fam­ily to op­er­ate the His­tor­ic Mus­tard Mill in Mon­schau, which she runs to­geth­er with her fath­er.

Ruth Breuer, owner of the Monschau Mustard Mill and Schnabuleum Restaurant, on good taste:

"Pleasure for all five senses."

Ruth Breuer represents the fifth generation in her family to operate the Historic Mustard Mill in Monschau, which she runs together with her father. As one of the oldest spices in the culinary world, mustard serves not only to enhance the flavour of dishes, but also the wholesomeness of food. At her mustard mill, Ruth Breuer bestows upon her visitors comprehensive and lasting insights into the exciting world of spiced delights. And in the adjoining Schnabuleum Restaurant, guests can savour hearty Eifel cuisine, imaginative fish dishes and unusual culinary creations. Full of passion, Ruth Breuer is Ambassador of Good Taste for Eifel and Aachen.

Culinary enjoyment in NRW?
7 questions for ... Ruth Breuer

Why are you the Ambassador of Good Taste for the Eifel & Aachen region?
I love our region not only because of its stunning natural beauty, what it has to offer in terms of culture and the exciting stories surrounding the lives of traditional people, but also because of the many specialities we have to offer. The motto for our shop and restaurant, Schnabuleum, is “Pleasure for all five senses”. We love treats of all kinds and this is also reflected in the local areas. I fall into both categories with our Historic Mustard Mill in Monschau and our restaurant, Schnabuleum, where every dish is flavoured with mustard; we are both a producer and a user as we are completely dedicated to regionality and seasonality. There are so many extraordinarily good producers in our area, from distillers to small cheese producers – you really have to support each other. Here you’ll find all kinds of fun and many delicious things to taste. You needn’t wander far – that is what Eifel is all about!

Your opinion: why can North Rhine-Westphalia be described as an epicurean region?
It’s not just the Eifel region that has a lot to offer. All of the regions in North Rhine-Westphalia are characterised by their own traditional specialities. A lot of things are enjoyed every day and quite often we don’t even realise we’re using something special from North Rhine-Westphalia.

What trait distinguishes an epicurean?
Enjoying life in every way – you can enjoy everything: beautiful weather, a nice landscape, good company, good wine and good food.

You perform at your very best every day. What do you consider the perfect culinary start to the day?
I start my day in peace with an enjoyable breakfast. For me, this includes all sorts of regional specialities. One thing I love is the whole wheat bread from our local bakery with nice goat’s cheese from the Eifel region and our fig mustard or with mildly smoked Eifel ham. When I’m feeling like something sweet (although I generally prefer savoury), I might have Rhenish beetroot spread or walnut honey with some quark – very sophisticated. The honey is also produced in the neighbouring village and we sell it in our shop of course. This can only lead to a successful day.

Your dishes and products inspire your guests and colleagues. Which producers in your region inspire you?
Each new product that I get my hands on that captures me with its scent and reflects all the care and love its producers have put into it. This always makes me think: how could you tie mustard into this? But I also think about how we could use that product in our restaurant – is it better as a starter or maybe even as a dessert? Is it better used in a traditional recipe or in some new and exciting combination? I am also quite pleased with the rediscovery of the traditional, whether it’s a once-popular type of fruit or vegetable that’s being grown again or a dish that has nearly been forgotten but reminds you of your childhood and that you somehow associate with a feeling of security.

Do you have any personal recommendations for visitors to the epicurean region of NRW?
Enjoy yourself, of course! It's very simple: you just have to use your senses. Go through the world with open eyes and ears. Smell things and taste them again and again, and maybe try something new once in a while. Keep away from fast food. Take your time, and not just when eating. Now’s the time to live consciously!

Last but not least: what is your motto for personal enjoyment?
Be open to trying anything!