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Sauer­land for fam­il­ies

Walk­ing and winter sports with kids in mind

Our tips for fam­ily days out in Sauer­land: Walk­ing and winter sports are geared here to the young­est fam­ily mem­bers. The “Land of 1,000 Moun­tains” has loads to of­fer young fam­il­ies.

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Walk­ing and winter sports with kids in mind

The ?Land of 1,000 Moun­tains? is a ma­jor draw for hikers in sum­mer and ski­ers in winter. Bring­ing the kids along is not al­ways so easy, how­ever. Luck­ily it is in Sauer­land! Sev­er­al ad­ven­ture walk­ing trails have lots of things to ex­plore along the way as well as in­ter­est­ing facts about loc­al flora and fauna. The Vossp­fad walk in Helmer­ing­hausen, for ex­ample, has 22 points of in­terest, in­clud­ing a tree trunk tele­phone, a tree swing and an in­sect hotel, along a route which takes around one hour to com­plete. The Rüthen forest dis­cov­ery path fol­lows a sim­il­ar ap­proach with the ad­ded bo­nus of an ad­ven­ture play­ground at the end of the trail.
www.sauer­land.com/Kinder­fre­und­liches-Wandern | www.helmer­ing­hausen.de | www.rueth­en.de/Walder­leb­n­is­p­fad

For winter get­aways, too, par­ents can be re­as­sured that their off­spring will have a great time in the ski re­sorts of Sauer­land. Win­ter­s­port-Arena Win­ter­berg is the largest ven­ue for winter sports north of the Alps. Chil­dren are well catered for here with to­bog­gan runs and snow tubing slopes. Win­ter­park Will­in­gen also of­fers to­bog­gan­ing as well as ski­ing. Like at Win­ter­s­port-Arena, there is a spe­cial kids? world with brightly-col­oured gates and char­ac­ters where the young­est fam­ily mem­bers can have fun while learn­ing to ski.
www.win­ter­s­port-arena.de | www.win­ter­park-will­in­gen.info

Tips for fam­ily out­ings in the sum­mer

It is not just in winter that light­ning speeds can be reached on the slopes of Will­in­gen. In the sum­mer­time, dare­dev­ils young and old can hurtle down the 700-metre dry to­bog­gan run at the re­sort. For the young­er chil­dren, there is still great fun to be had on the gi­ant tram­po­lines and in the play­ground.

When the sum­mer tem­per­at­ures start to rise in Sauer­land, the best place to cool off is at one of the re­gion?s many lakes. The largest and most pop­u­lar of these are Bigge­see, Diemelsee, Hen­ne­see, Möh­ne­see and Sorpe­see. Since all of these lakes are ac­tu­ally reser­voirs and used to sup­ply drink­ing wa­ter, par­ents can be sure that the wa­ter is of ex­cel­lent qual­ity and that it is per­fectly ok for kids to swim, dive, paddle, sail or surf.

When the sum­mer heat be­come too much to bear, many fam­il­ies may feel like es­cap­ing from the sun al­to­geth­er. This is pos­sible in Sauer­land with its ex­tens­ive net­work of caves! The best-known are At­ta Cave and Dechen Cave in At­ten­dorn and Iser­lohn. With tem­per­at­ures re­main­ing con­stantly be­low 10 de­grees, vis­it­ors should re­mem­ber to put on something warm be­fore they enter any of these un­der­ground king­doms. The fas­cin­at­ing stalac­tite form­a­tions and mys­ter­i­ous at­mo­sphere of the caves will im­press adults and chil­dren alike.  

Ideas for rainy days

Par­ents don?t need to worry about rainy days or cold weath­er put­ting a dampen­er on their get­away either. Not when there are at­trac­tions like Klet­ter­halle Sauer­land, where kids and teen­agers can test their nerve on the high-ropes climb­ing course and, safely har­nessed of course, jump from a height of 9 metres.

Mean­while, North Rhine-West­phalia?s first sci­ence centre puts brain power rather than strength to the test! Phäno­menta in Lüdenscheid guides chil­dren and adults through the amaz­ing world of phys­ics, with 160 sec­tions of­fer­ing hands-on activ­it­ies and ex­per­i­ments. Even tech­no­logy-phobes can­not fail to be im­pressed by the powers of sci­ence on dis­play!

Sci­ence is also the main fo­cus at an­oth­er pop­u­lar at­trac­tion in Sauer­land. The pyr­am­ids at Ga­lileo Park con­tain all kinds of sci­ence-re­lated ex­hib­i­tions and puzzles for vis­it­ors of all ages. The park also has some un­usu­al an­im­al mas­cots in the form of a small group of coatis liv­ing in their own en­clos­ure be­side the pyr­am­ids.

An­im­al at­trac­tions

Wild­wald Voss­winkel in Arns­berg has no spe­cial mas­cot, but it does have a very in­ter­est­ing me­na­ger­ie. Vis­it­ors can get es­pe­cially close to nat­ive creatures like the eagle owl, red deer or wild boar at the daily feed­ing times. Sheep are al­lowed to roam freely in the park and squir­rels can be spot­ted over­head leap­ing from branch to branch.

Wild- und Freizeit­park Will­in­gen is home to exot­ic an­im­als like Bar­bary macaques and par­rots, while Wild­park Bil­steint­al in Warstein fo­cuses on loc­al wild­life such as foxes, lynx, ra­coons and martens.
www.wild­park-will­in­gen.de | www.bil­steint­al.de/Wild­park

Ad­ven­ture aplenty at amuse­ment parks

The Pan­or­ama­Park wild­life and amuse­ment park has an­im­als to ad­mire both from a dis­tance and up close at the pet­ting zoo. The amuse­ment side of the at­trac­tion has plenty to of­fer young vis­it­ors, too, from power-paddle boats to slides to a dry to­bog­gan run.

An­oth­er ad­ven­ture park where plenty of ac­tion is guar­an­teed is Fort Fun Aben­teuer­land. Wa­ter flumes and roller­coast­ers, a hang-glider zip-wire and a gold pan­ning site all have a Wild West theme, so young vis­it­ors have a chance to feel like cow­boys and cow­girls for a day.

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Unterwegs in der Dechenhöhle, © Dechenhöhle und Deutsches Höhlenmuseum Iserlohn
Kletten im Fort Fun, © Fort Fun Abenteuerland
Postwiesen-Skigebiet im Sauerland, © Sauerland Tourismus e. V.
Schwimmen im See, © Sauerland Tourismus e.V.
Rennen auf der Bobbahn, © Bobbahn Winterberg

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Odysseum Themenwelt, © Odysseum Köln

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Fahrt auf der Wildwasserbahnim Wunderland Kalkar, © Wunderland Kalkar

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Fahrspaß auch für kleine Motorsportfreunde, © Michael Schumacher Kart & Event Center

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KulturPur in Hilchenbach-Lützel, © KulturBüro des Kreises Siegen-Wittgenstein

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Planetarium Bochum von Außen, © Stadt Bochum Presse u. Informationsamt  Planetarium

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Schwimmen im See, © Sauerland Tourismus e.V.

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