View of the Skywalk Willingen in summer, © Skywalk Willingen

Sky­walk Will­in­gen

An ad­ven­ture with a view in the Sauer­land re­gion

Teach your dreams to fly on Germany’s longest suspended bridge. It seems to defy gravity as it stretches across 665 metres between two mountains. Feel light as a feather while enjoying the unobstructed view of nature – no matter the season. The spring, summer, autumn, and winter landscapes afford some very different appearances! No matter whether nature is wearing its white winter gown or a green spring suit, however, the Skywalk will always ensure a clear view of forests and into the distance, as well as of the Mühlenkopfschanze at one end of the bridge, since the entire structure is built without any guy ropes.

The best starting point, by the way, is at the other end, where you can reach the Skywalk on a hiking trail over the Ettelsberg with a length of just over one kilometre. The ride up can be completed comfortably in a gondola or chair lift.

Whenever you are looking for a little adventure with a breathtaking view, a perfect photo location, or just a moment’s respite from your busy everyday life – the Skywalk Willingen will be waiting for you.

  • A couple on the Skywalk Willingen, © Skywalk Willingen
    Skywalk Willingen in  autumn, © Skywalk Willingen
    Side view of Skywalk Willingen in winter , © Skywalk Willingen
  • Clouds over the Skywalk Willingen in spring , © Skywalk Willingen