Sebastian Fitzek was already one of the star guests of the mega-event, © Lichtinspektor Photographie - M. Janzik

The Hell­weg Murders

Europe’s largest crime fic­tion fest­iv­al with read­ings along the old mil­it­ary and trade route

Go look­ing for clues in a spooky castle ru­in to­geth­er with world-fam­ous au­thors, act out a fic­tion­al murder in old in­dus­tri­al monu­ments, or pur­sue the per­pet­rat­or at the Trap­pren­n­bahn in the course of the “Hell­weg Murders” event.

Every other year, Europe’s largest crime fiction festival is presenting exciting lectures, readings, and galas along the Hellweg, an old military and trade route. From September to November, unusual sites are transformed into venues and reading stages for crime and thriller literature, chosen to match new book treasures presented by scene stars.

About 30 municipalities and institutions are participating in this biennial event organised by the Westfälisches Literaturbüro and the cultural department of the district centre of Unna. Authors like Jussi Adler-Olsen, Sebastian Fitzek, Joy Fielding, Simon Beckett, and Arne Dahl have already successfully participated in the “Hellweg Murders” with their scenic descriptions of crime scenes and mysterious crimes. The organisers are publishing a dedicated crime anthology with the best stories specifically for the festival.

Anyone who wants to experience the full entertainment should secure a ticket for the “ExtraFahrt” with the Hellweg-Crime-Express as well, with special trains travelling from site to site on a family day and covering locations in Dortmund, Holzwickede, Unna, Soest, and Hamm along their journey. Actors and writers bring some literary pleasure to the trip.

Dates: 14 September to 8 November 2024

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Authors like Val McDermid reveal secrets from everyday life as a writer, © Mord am Hellweg
In addition to readings and lectures, there are also gala evenings at Mord am Hellweg, © Gerhild Krauß
In the Hellweg Crime Express, the conductors are part of the cast, © Anna-Lisa Konrad
Anyone traveling with the Hellweg Crime Express must expect a musical police check, © Anna-Lisa Konrad

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The "Zeche Hannover", a former Colliery in Bochum, celebrates the ExtraSchicht., © RuhrTourismus / Kreklau

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