Wooden footbridge of the large peat bog in Lübbecke, © Leo Thomas

Bad-weath­er days

A de­clar­a­tion of love to the bad weath­er

Admittedly, the mind doesn’t jump right to outings in the fresh air on a raining, windy, and cold day. It might take some effort to wrap up warmly, put on a rain jacket and rubber boots, and simply do what you would normally do in the sun and pleasant temperatures. Even a rainy day at the zoo, a city trip when bad weather is guaranteed, or a hike in a low-pressure area can be fun. It’s often much better than it sounds. Winter fatigue won’t stand a chance with our quick advice for bad-weather days.

Marmot in the Olderdissen Zoo in Bielefeld, © Johannes Höhn

Alone in the zoo

Tip 1

You won’t have to search for a parking space, the paths will be empty, and your view of all the animals unobstructed: This is your chance to have the zoos and animal parks in NRW all to yourself. Without the crowds found there on beautiful summer days, the atmosphere in winter is relaxed and everything seems to go a bit more slowly. If you do need to warm up, you’re sure to find a spot for that in the tropical house.

Sarah Morris wall mosaic Düsseldorf, © Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk

Düs­sel­dorf in the rain

Tip 2

Grab your umbrella and let’s get going: Nina will take you to Düsseldorf and show you her favourite places and discoveries that are fun even in the rain. A HoppOn HoppOff is particularly good for getting an initial overview in this kind of weather: Get comfortable while the rail is pelting the roof and have a look at the city’s highlights without getting wet yourself.

Burgruine Drachenfels im Naturpark Siebengebirge, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Mys­ti­cism in the Siebenge­birge

Tip 3

Sweeping vistas are replaced by a view of rising wafts of mist; the landscape seems downright enchanted, and hikers will feel very close to the stories surrounding the legendary Drachenfels: The mystical atmosphere of the Siebengebirge region is ideal for a bad-weather hike. Why don’t you try out the Beethoven hiking trail? The altitude metres to be crossed will be sure to keep you warm.

Hagemeister steps through the Kneipp pool, © Ralph Sondermann, Tourismus NRW e.V.

Bare­foot in the forest

Tip 4

Going into the water barefoot when it’s icy outside already? Sure thing! Kneipping not only strengthens the body’s defences but is also great fun. Stalk through the treading pool like a stork, e.g., on the Kneipp path around the Kneipp spa town of Olsberg. Let Gudrun Hagemeister, who is always out and about in the Sauerland forests no matter the weather or the season, inspire you to go on a Kneipp hike.

Naturschutzgebiet großes Torfmoor, © Johannes Höhn

Out in­to nature

Tip 5

Are you ready for an adventure in nature? Do you want to brave the forces of nature no matter the weather? Get out into nature then and explore one of the twelve nature parks or the Nationalpark Eifel in your NRW. At the end of the day, you’ll be proud to have overcome your hesitation, and your cosy spot on the sofa will have become even cosier for you.

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Wooden footbridge of the large peat bog in Lübbecke, © Leo Thomas

Bad-weath­er days

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