Eifel National Park, © Wheeliewanderlust.de

Bar­ri­er-free ex­per­i­ences in Aachen and the Eifel

Karl­stadt and nature ex­per­i­ences

Dis­cov­er the flora and fauna in NRW’s only na­tion­al park and re­lax in Karl­stadt.

Wild nature, timber-framed backdrops and warm thermal baths – the Eifel region and the city of Aachen entice with their contrasts. Whereas the hot thermal baths of the Carolus Thermen, where Charlemagne once bathed, bubble in NRW’s most westerly city, Eifel is home to the only national park in NRW. At a bird watching station, visitors can discover the multitude of bird species in the national park and along the “Wilder Weg” (Wild Trail), ten mostly interactive stations provide interesting facts about the wilderness, forest development, and the diversity of animal and plant species in the national park.

Whether its watching red deer from a viewing gallery near Dreiborn, enjoying unique views of the national park and reservoir landscape in the Wilder Kermeter nature experience area or marvelling at 100-year-old machines at a historical textile factory – the offerings below are certified by “Reisen für Alle” (Travel for All) and provide ideas for your next holiday in NRW.

Further information on travel for all is available on the city of Aachen, Eifel region and Carolus Thermen websites.

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Eifel National Park, © Wheeliewanderlust.de
Ansicht des Aachener Doms, © Olaf Rohl
Der Rursee in der Eifel, © Hans-Jürgen Sittig
Der Rursee im Nationalpark Eifel, © Nationalpark Eifel - Nationalparkverwaltung
Vater mit Kind auf dem Wilden Weg in der Eifel, © H.-D. Budde, Deutsche Bahn AG
Hoslzsteg auf dem Wilden Weg in der Eifel, © A. Olligschläger, Nationalparkverwaltung Eifel
Familie im Stammtunnel auf dem Wilden Weg in der Eifel, © H.-D. Budde, Deutsche Bahn AG
Die Forscherstation am Wilden Weg in der Eifel, © S. Wilden, Nationalparkverwaltung Eifel