Museen Haus Lange Haus Esters, Krefeld, © Simon Erath

Bauhaus in North Rhine-West­phalia

Osthaus, Al­bers & van der Rohe

In the high pop­u­la­tion cit­ies, which at that time were un­der­go­ing a peri­od of ex­pan­sion, the Bauhaus concept and its pre­lim­in­ary and branch move­ments, as well as the de­vel­op­ments that came after it, made a stronger im­pact on ar­chi­tec­ture and urb­an build­ing than in al­most any oth­er fed­er­al state in Ger­many. Here, many ex­amples of the ?Neues Bauen? (?new build­ing?) can be seen.

From the so-called ?Bauhaus Dreik­lang? (?Bauhaus tri­ad?) cit­ies - Es­sen, Ha­gen and Krefeld - to oth­er in­ter­est­ing sites of this design move­ment that had a world­wide im­pact, NRW in­vites vis­it­ors on a jour­ney of dis­cov­ery. We are the Bauhaus state.

Bildteas­er Bauhaus

Unesco-Welterbe Zeche Zollverein, Essen, © Simon Erath

'Essen­er Auf­bruch'

Hohenhof in Hagen, © Simon Erath

Ha­gen im­pulse

Museum Haus Esters, Krefeld, Gartenseite, © Volker Döhne, Kunstmuseen Krefeld

Krefeld per­spect­ives

Peter-Behrens-Bau, Oberhausen, © LVR-Industriemuseum, Andreas Schiblon

Over­view of ex­hib­i­tions

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